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XEX is a free-to-mint token that is launching on ETH, BSC, AVAX, MATIC and FTM. It uses Layer0 cross-chain technology, has batch minting capabilities, and a mint time lasting 2 years.

After 2 years, XEX becomes deflationary through buybacks with future products like a DEX, NFT Marketplace, Auto-Compounder, and more!

The first 8k minters receive a whitelist to our #Xexadon NFT, which will be live after the token launch. These are a unique, 10 PFP collection designed by 3xUltra using AI technology.

Each NFT is unique and easily distinguishable
AI generated, but will follow a similar theme
Rarity and lottery mechanics when minting
The design is high-quality and resistant to forks

Post launch, the project vision will be to create burning mechanisms for the XEX token and increased utility for the Xexadon NFT collection through on-chain products.

These products may include a XEX-based Decentralized Exchange, NFT Marketplace, Arbitrage Bots, On-Chain Games, and XEX Chain.

Welcome aboard !

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