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Logo of telegram channel pumpcoinbets — Pumpcoinbets💰📈 NFT & Crypto Gems 💎
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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀
Owner: @Legend
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2024-04-25 21:40:14

Exciting events are happening in ikiPay's team, probably a big leap is coming!

Best days for holding!

Buy it now on:





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2024-04-25 19:51:07
Ready for your chance to win big? @‌w3meetapp and @‌pumpcoinbets are giving away 1000 USDT to 4 lucky winners!

Only 7 days to enter!
Total Prize: 1000 USDT split among 4 winners

How to Enter:
Follow @‌ w3meetapp, @paireworld and @‌pumpcoinbets
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Good luck!
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2024-04-25 10:10:27


55% Presale Fairlaunch
5% supply for Charity
5% supply for CEX
5% supply for TEAM
30% supply for Liquidity
Fast-Track CMC & CG

Complete the challenge and join the Airdrop!

Twitter | Announcements | Community | Web
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2024-04-25 02:26:40

Did 1.9 million first day! Over 1 million volume. They've grown organically and have a solid base of investors. Including several very wealthy holders that will be jumping back in. They also have top KOLS ready to pump when buy signal hits. Has no mint and LIQ is locked for ~2 months. They are in talks with 3 top tier exchanges and should be a primed 100x by US election season. Come join your TRANSitional wealth opportunity.

Check out their socials below
Total Supply: 100 Million
Symbol: $BodenX


$BODENX ON Solana network

Contract Address:6rhKyEDqjePScxA9tNFNaTW2BPPaY6dXU2UW5kLp28w
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2024-04-24 11:01:11
Alright Everyone, listen up!
This is the offical roadmap for Vampire inu $Vampire.

Phase 1-2 is already in motion and nobody is stopping our Army in these streets.

Our family telegram chat has already reached over 3000+ Vampires in under 48 hours, with more BIG MARKETING moves in the pipeline.

We are a family, and families look after each other, that's why phase 2-4 are all about giving back to our community, capisce?

Check out our socials below




Token Information
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Name: Vampire Inu
Symbol: $Vampire

Contract Address: Da1soEK6sWxbVfcyCANqLxRQoG33u7aMBLhTAcB1diZDv
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2024-04-24 04:30:00
LOPE is a meme coin that was created to suppress the dominance of existing cheat coins, LOPE has a special and different feature that can distinguish it from other meme coins, as you know about other meme coins, they have been launched without any specialized support , while LOPE was created with a different view.
Below we will mention LOPE facilities:
Lope Nft Project Lope Quest Game LopeAI

're excited to invite you to the LOPE token PRESALE, starting on April 1, 2024, and concluding on June 1, 2024. This unique opportunity is structured across three exciting tiers, each offering distinct pricing advantages for early adopters.
- Tier 1: $0.00000009
- Tier 2: $0.00000010
- Tier 3: $0.00000050
- Tier 4: $0.00000090

Upon the completion of our presale on June 1, 100% of LOPE tokens will be automatically claimed 20 days after the end of the private sale, ensuring a seamless transition for participants into the next phase of our journey together. Don't miss this chance to be part of the LOPE community from the outset, with advantageous pricing tiers designed to reward your early commitment.

LOPE Links:
Project Website
LopeCoin White paper
KYC+ & Audits+

LOPE communities:
Telegram Channel
Telegram Group
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2024-04-23 18:50:02
Born under a blood moon, this project is for those who dare to roam the night and command the unseen forces of the crypto world. Vampire Inu is designed for the bold, the brave, and the believers. With lightning fast transactions and minimal fees courtesy of Soland's cutting-edge technology, this token is set to redefine what we expect from a meme coin. It's not just about making a transaction; It's about making a statement.
Join us as we embark on this nocturnal adventure, where every holder is
empowered to shape the future of the coin and the community. With Vampire Inu, the night is not something to fear; it's where we thrive, grow, and show the world the power of unity, innovation, and a little bit of vampire magic. Embrace the Night, Unleash the Power

Check out our socials below




Token Information
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Name: Vampire Inu
Symbol: $Vampire

Contract Address: D1soEK6sWxbVfcyCANqLxRQoG33u7aMBLhTAcB1diZDv
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2024-04-23 07:19:48
This next level meme coin just caught my eye!

I'm getting BoredApe and DogWifHat vibes on this already.

this can 100x for sure

Only 600 holders Liquidity locked Still under 250K MCap!

They are doing a 100$ give away in the telegram so join it!

@ApesinSuitsCoin on X



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2024-04-22 17:59:46

Transfer any fiat currency to any country with ikiPay.

And now you can be part of ikiPay's success path by investing in IKI Token

Buy it now on:





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2024-04-22 09:41:03
Last 7 hours for Presale 0, get your $SPAREUS before it ends!

This project is long term and we'll build it slow and steady.

We'll be using the funds raised to:
- Increase transparency (audits + KYC + other stuff)
- Increase exposure - we'll reacy every single person to save our future.

Last 7 hours, get your $SPAREUS now and be an elite part of the community with multiple awards/benefits planned.

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