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Project Aurora asset ICO post: | ✨Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI)✨

Project Aurora asset

ICO post:
ICO: 700k XLM @ 0.05 XLM

500K XLM - 5000%
600K XLM - 6000%

ICO ends June 16 @ 2 pm CST

ONLY SEND XLM (must be a minimum of XLM and use WHOLE NUMBERS only, no decimals) to the Group Fund wallet

Pay attention to the spelling

Where it says “Enter transaction memo” type
(use ONLY the TOKEN name: no misspellings, no spaces, no missing memos allowed since this is used for tracking and auditing purposes )
Pay attention to the spelling

Confirm your transaction has gone through correctly on Stellar.Expert or our StellariumBot here

After the dev sends our group cashbacks, QSI will distribute payments to all qualified wallets within 5 days

The following will be considered a donation to our community and will not be refunded :
- any XLM sent 48hr AFTER the ICO has completely finished
- any non-XLM token sent
- any investments that do not comply with our instructions or transfers to the wrong wallet
- any XLM sent during the 48hr refund window that do not comply with our instructions

ONLY send XLM from a Stellar dex wallet (not from anywhere else like Uphold, Exodus, Ledger Nano, etc) or else you will not be able to receive your tokens since those wallets cannot accept Stellar assets

QSI is not a Financial Advisor. Please DYOR before investing in this asset


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