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2023-10-19 19:40:11 EXCLUSIVE: Health Canada Confirms Undisclosed Presence of DNA Sequence in Pfizer Shot

"Health Canada has confirmed the presence of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which the manufacturer had not previously disclosed. There is debate among scientists with regards to the significance of the finding, with some saying it has the potential to cause cancer, and others saying it poses little to no threat.

"Health Canada expects sponsors to identify any biologically functional DNA sequences within a plasmid (such as an SV40 enhancer) at the time of submission," the agency said in an email to The Epoch Times.

"Although the full DNA sequence of the Pfizer plasmid was provided at the time of initial filing, the sponsor did not specifically identify the SV40 sequence."

The regulator said that after scientists Kevin McKernan and Dr. Phillip J. Buckhaults publicly raised the presence of SV40 enhancers in the vaccines earlier this year, “it was possible for Health Canada to confirm the presence of the enhancer based on the plasmid DNA sequence submitted by Pfizer against the published SV40 enhancer sequence."

Both scientists have made waves after discovering plasmid DNA in the mRNA COVID-19 injections, warning it could potentially alter the human genome. However, the two share different degrees of concern about the significance of an SV40 sequence—which is used as an enhancer to drive gene transcription during the vaccine manufacturing process—being present in the shots.
Mr. McKernan, a former researcher and team leader for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Human Genome Project, told The Epoch Times he suspects Pfizer didn’t disclose the presence of the DNA sequence due to the association of SV40 with polio vaccines. He said while there is no evidence the sequence is carcinogenic, he has concerns about its integration into the human genome.

The polyomavirus Simian Virus 40, an oncogenic DNA virus, was previously removed from polio vaccines due to concerns about a link to cancers. Polio vaccines used in the late 1950s and early 1960s were found to be contaminated with SV40 as the virus was present in monkey kidney cells that were used to grow the vaccine.

Mr. McKernan said while the full 5kb SV40 virus was present in the polio vaccines, the presence of SV40 promoters was still concerning due to the risk of them integrating into the human genomes near oncogenes, which are genes that have the potential to cause cancer

Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St. George's Hospital Medical School in London, recently wrote in The Conservative Woman about a higher incidence of cancers following COVID-19 vaccination seen by himself and his colleagues, including an “epidemic of explosive cancers” with multiple metastatic spread.
He noted the potential “DNA plasmid and SV40 integration in promoting cancer development.”

Dr. Lindsay questioned why Pfizer failed to disclose the SV40 promoter to regulators like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and Health Canada.

"They hid them. So it's not just the fact that they're there, it's the fact that they were purposefully hidden from the regulators," she said.

Pfizer did not respond to The Epoch Times' request for comment."
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2023-10-10 20:42:56 Do you see it, yet?
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2023-10-10 16:58:55 Virus excess mortality: Excess mortality is not a valid measure when standard antibiotics easily treated the novel virus. What affects excess mortality is not the poison, but whether the cure is administered in time or not. Given that the cure is the same for all respiratory viruses, given that it is widely available, given that with SARSCov2 the natural progression from infection to death is very slow, many weeks if not many months, then what happened is this: a novel virus with equivalent IFR to flu yet different was circulating, antibiotics were generally administered in time, therefore this prevented any excess mortality, until they were not administered for a period, and midazolam and remdesivir were administered instead, and this increased excess mortality.

This is not difficult. But you need to include antibiotics in the thinking or you will always miss the most important factor: the cure.
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2023-10-04 10:06:09 Given that the patents for mRNA vaccines are Dr. Robert Malone's and date back to 1989, should he have got the Nobel Prize instead?

"Probably not because the technology has not been proven safe."

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology.
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2023-09-27 12:24:12 "This study examined sick leave and intake of pro re nata medication after the first, second, and third COVID-19 vaccination in HCWs. Data were collected by using an electronic questionnaire.

Among 1704 HCWs enrolled, 595 (34.9%) HCWs were on sick leave following at least one COVID-19 vaccination, leading to a total number of 1550 sick days. Both the absolute sick days and the rate of HCWs on sick leave significantly increased with each subsequent vaccination. Comparing BNT162b2mRNA and mRNA-1273, the difference in sick leave was not significant after the second dose, but mRNA-1273 [Moderna] induced a significantly longer and more frequent sick leave after the third.

In the light of further COVID-19 infection waves and booster vaccinations, there is a risk of additional staff shortages due to postvaccination inability to work, which could negatively impact the already strained healthcare system and jeopardise patient care. These findings will aid further vaccination campaigns to minimise the impact of staff absences on the healthcare system."
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2023-09-27 10:18:57 "But a new study - that looked at data from more than 20,000 women in this category - found the risk of vaginal bleeding increased two to three times in the four weeks after Covid vaccination compared to before the shot. 

In women entering menopause and premenopausal women, the risk was three to five times higher. 
Researchers looked at data from August and September 2021.
Ninety-eight percent of the women included reported receiving their Covid vaccines in January 2021, meaning they had received the original Covid vaccine as opposed to any updated booster shots. 

Experts are not entirely sure why changes in menstruation occur, but some believe the vaccine causes some of the body's tissue to become inflamed, causing changes to the lining of the uterus and hormone levels throughout the body.  

While the recent study did not investigate why these women experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding, sometimes referred to as breakthrough bleeding, scientists did suggest it could be linked to the spike protein used in the shots."
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2023-09-24 14:03:55
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2023-09-14 08:55:33 -No airline, airport or hospital staff can tell you to wear a mask / take a test without committing a crime

-Saying that they are following orders is no excuse

-Even if you agree to it as terms of service, you have an inalienable right to change your mind later
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2023-07-25 14:05:21
BBC weather claims 48.2°C for Jerzu, Sardinia yesterday. Jerzu weather station itself maximum for yesterday is instead charted at 41.5°C.
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2023-07-25 13:38:12

Brown Car Guy (Shazad) is well known in car circles. Recently he’s been investigating ULEZ.
He used the device that officials use to monitor air quality around London. Same supplier, who knew what he intended to do with it.
Bottom line, in no location around London, even on the busiest roads, right down at exhaust levels, did the air quality reach even medium risk on the scale (which scale is absurdly drawn so that your kitchen would be rated at “health emergency”).
ULEZ is all lies, just like climate change and the “pandemic”.
Same people, same methods, same objectives: removal of all of your freedoms, ostensibly for a greater cause.
You must share what’s happening with everyone you encounter, or we will lose.
There are far too few of us publicly speaking out.
All of us are horribly censored.
The media will only lie.
So you’re the only chance we have. Your children & grandchildren depend on YOU taking action, every day in this relentless war.
Best wishes
Ps: I have actual published research credentials in this field, adjacent issues like ozone and impact on respiratory function, so I became familiar with NOx and particulates in the late 1980s/early 1990s.
There really was arguably a problem but only up to the mandated fitting of catalytic converters. Ever since that event, air quality in London has been excellent, with few exceptions.
One is the London Underground!
There’s so much metallic dust from wheels and tracks wearing each other away.
Also, brake lining derived particulates, nasty stuff.
Organic vapours from oils, lubricants and hydraulic fluids etc.
I recommend you minimise your time there. Masks don’t work because the particles in question are smaller than the pore size even in a well fitting mask. Paper “masks” are a psychological crutch.
If we say nothing about ULEZ, they will remove all powered personal transport. If we allow that, it’ll be a permanent end to personal transport beyond your legs and a bicycle.
If you think I’m exaggerating, this is explicitly among the UN2030 so-called sustainable development goals.
Best wishes
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