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Welcome to the SG Ministry of Manpower's official Telegram channel.

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2022-02-04 10:53:08 [Sent by MOM – 4 Feb]

Advisory on Business Continuity Plan in Preparation for Omicron Wave

In view of Omicron’s higher transmissibility, tripartite partners have issued an advisory to guide employers in planning for business continuity.

Employers are likely to see fluctuating, short-term manpower shortages, which may spike if there is workplace transmission

Employers and employees should continue to overcome manpower challenges together, while protecting the health and safety of all at the workplace

Employees should not turn up for work if they feel unwell

Members of public can support businesses by being more understanding if there is an unavoidable service disruption

Read more here:
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2022-01-26 06:22:58 [Sent by MOM – 26 Jan]
[Reminder] Get booster dose to maintain fully vaccinated status
From 14 Feb 2022, individuals 18 years old and above will only be considered fully vaccinated for 270 days after the last dose in their primary vaccination series.

To maintain your fully vaccinated status, you will need to get your booster dose

Only fully vaccinated workers are allowed to return to the workplace. Get your booster dose as soon as you are eligible.
Read the updated SMM advisory here:
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2022-01-24 16:05:20 [Sent by MOM - 24 Jan]

Waste Management Workers to Benefit from New Progressive Wage Model (PWM) Recommendations

Up to 3,000 waste management workers will benefit from new PWM recommendations:

Provide clear progression pathways by mapping out various PWM job roles within the Waste Collection and Materials Recovery sub-sectors

Enhance training requirements, including requiring at least two Workforce Skills Qualifications modules for entry-level job rungs

Implement PWM wage ladder and six-year schedule of sustained wage increases

Introduce mandatory annual PWM bonus for eligible workers

Read more at:
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2022-01-10 12:43:35 [Sent by MOM – 10 Jan]
Updated Advisory on Work and Leave Arrangements for Employees Who Test Positive for COVID-19
If physically well, self-isolate at home for 72 hours. No need to visit clinic or hospital for PCR test.
If unwell, see a doctor and if symptoms are mild, you may be issued with a 5-day MC. Self-isolate at home for 72 hours.
After 72 hours of self-isolation, do a self-ART.
: can return to work and resume daily activities.
: continue to self-isolate and take another ART every 24 hours. End self-isolation upon negative self-test ART or on Day 10 (for vaccinated) or Day 14 (for unvaccinated).
Do not return to the workplace if under self-isolation. You should be allowed to work from home if you are physically well. If working from home is not possible, employers should treat the period of absence as paid sick leave without requiring a MC.
If you have been given a 5-day MC by a doctor, it should also be treated as paid sick leave.
Read more here:
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2022-01-01 10:34:17 [Sent by MOM - 1 Jan]

Updated Safe Management Measures for work-related events

From 3 Jan 2022, work-related events that have no mask-off activities and have participants predominantly seated or standing in a fixed position may proceed with 51 to 1,000 participants after notifying the authorities via an online submission form at

Up to 50 participants (existing):

Not required to notify or seek approval from the authorities.
Attendees must maintain at least 1m safe distance.
Meals should not be the main feature of the event. The food must be served individually with the participants seated while consuming.
Work-related events held at third-party venues will also be subject to any additional premises owners’ safe management policies.

From 51 - 1,000 participants
Event organisers must notify the authorities before the event
Attendees must maintain at least 1m safe distance and be in zones of up to 100 pax per zone, with 2m between zones.
No mask-off activities allowed
Event must be static, with participants predominantly seated or standing in a fixed position (e.g. meetings, conferences, award ceremonies).
All attendees are subject to Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures

Read the updated SMM advisory here:
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2021-12-29 10:45:20 [Sent by MOM – 29 Dec]

Updated Workforce Vaccination Measures
(applies to both employees and self-employed persons)

From 1 Jan 2022:
Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated workers not allowed to enter workplace unless they test negative within 24 hours before entry

From 15 Jan 2022:
Unvaccinated workers not allowed to enter workplace even if they test negative
Partially vaccinated (i.e. have taken 1 dose) workers can continue to enter with negative test result

From 1 Feb 2022:
Only fully vaccinated workers allowed to enter workplace

Premises owners should ensure that the Workforce Vaccination Measures are adhered to by all workers at their premises.

For more details, visit:
- Workforce Vaccination Measures:
- Safe Management Measures:
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2021-12-21 13:01:19 [Sent by MOM – 21 Dec]
Extension of levy rebates & waivers for businesses

As the CMP sectors continue to face manpower shortages & increased costs, the $250 Foreign Worker Levy rebate will be extended till March 2022.

FWL will also be waived for all foreign workers, including migrant domestic workers, during their entry Stay-Home Notice and residential onboarding programme at the Migrant Worker Onboarding Centres.

More details:
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2021-11-12 15:00:10
[Sent by MOM – 12 Nov]

Govt Accepts the Security Tripartite Cluster’s Recommendations
Over 40,000 security officers will benefit from the latest Progressive Wage Model (PWM) recommendations by the Security Tripartite Cluster.
The Government has accepted the recommendations to:
Introduce a six-year schedule of PWM wage increases from 2023 to 2028
Intensify efforts to raise industry standards and improve working conditions for security officers
Read more at:
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2021-11-12 06:28:07 [Sent by MOM – 12 November]
Cost Sharing of Stay-Home Notice (SHN) and related COVID-19 tests between employers of transfer non-Malaysian Work Permit Holders (WPHs)
Current employers of non-Malaysian WPHs can arrange for SHN and related COVID-19 tests to be shared with subsequent employers, if the worker is transferred to another employer within 12 months from completion of SHN.
MOM has also issued guidelines recommending that employers bear the costs proportionate to the workers’ duration of employment within the 12-month period.
  Employers may also mutually determine the apportionment of costs, subject to the following criteria:
• The current employer does not receive more than what was paid for the costs of SHN and related COVID-19 tests
• Both employers sign a written agreement on the amount of costs shared, and the agreement is to be retained by both employers for one year from the agreement date
For more details, visit:
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2021-11-03 09:50:48
[Sent by MOM – 3 Nov]

Retirement & Re-Employment Amendment Bill 2021

The Bill establishes the maximum possible statutory retirement and re-employment ages at 65 and 70 respectively.
- Follows recommendations by the Tripartite Workgroup on Older Workers in 2019

To better support our seniors who are able and wish to continue working to do so, and boost their retirement adequacy

From 1 Jan 2022, CPF contribution rates raised by up to 2% for workers above 55 to 70 years old

From 1 Jul 2022, the retirement and re-employment ages will be raised to 63 and 68, respectively.

For more information, visit
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