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The official Telegram on Telegram. Much recursion. Very Telegram. Wow.

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2020-07-26 13:40:46 Today's update adds Video Ca... (ah, no, not yet) Profile Videos, improved People Nearby features, 2 GB file uploads and much more.

Preview media from mini-thumbnails in your chat list and notifications, view detailed statistics for large groups, and send over 20 new animated emoji like , and .

Android users can now crop and rotate videos, and the music player was redesigned with a new layout and icons.

Read our latest blog post to learn about all the new features (including multi-account support for Telegram Desktop):
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2020-06-04 21:19:24 The latest Telegram update lets you enhance videos, put animated stickers on any media, and zoom in when drawing on photos and videos.

The GIF panel got upgraded with emoji-based sections and a Trending tab for the most relevant and popular expressions. GIF loading speeds have been greatly improved, to make sorting and sending even quicker.

Android has a host of new animations and interfaces, you can read all about them on our blog:
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2020-04-24 12:28:04 Celebrating 400 Million monthly users

We’ve added extra features to quizzes and @QuizBot to help make educational tests – and are launching a contest with €400K in prizes for users who make academic quizzes.

The sticker panel has been updated: you can now scroll through over 20,000 stickers from professional artists, going all the way back to the very first submissions.

Android’s attachment menu got a makeover with new animated icons, while macOS received redesigned profile pages and drawing tools for its photo editor.

Read all about the latest milestone on our blog, with a secret look at what else is coming in 2020
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2020-04-03 19:13:20 Telegram helps health authorities around the world spread accurate information about the pandemic through verified channels.

To fight the spread of misinformation and the virus itself, make sure to always check your sources – and wash your hands .

On a lighter note, we've added a new set of masks for the built-in Photo Editor.

Read more about the new tools and changes on our blog:
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2020-03-30 14:38:44 Telegram 6.0 is here to bring you Chat Folders, Channel Stats and more.

If you have too many chats, you can now put your work and school chats into separate tabs – and swipe to switch between them.

If you're looking to hide some chats from view, you don't need folders – simply send them to your Archive.

Owners of large channels with more than 1000 subscribers can now view detailed statistics about the growth of their channels and the performance of their posts.

We've also added a host of new animated emoji and stickers. Type in any chat to see some suggestions and check this blog post for more:
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2020-02-14 11:30:51
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2020-02-14 11:29:48 Love is in the air, so make sure to tell everyone the three words they need to hear this Valentine’s Day – Telegram Just Updated.

Get instant access to shared media from redesigned profile pages which prominently display users’ profile pictures.

Tap left and right on images to quickly flip through photos and videos anywhere in the app.

Make new friends or find your Valentine through the updated People Nearby interface.

Wear your heart on your sleeve screen with new animated emoji: – and of course

Read more about the latest romantic developments here:
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2020-01-23 14:19:24
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2020-01-23 13:48:16 Today’s Telegram update adds even more choice to polls.

Create polls with visible votes, polls that allow multiple answers, or even trivia-style quiz polls.

Use the new @QuizBot to help you make your own quizzes with media (memes, anyone?) – it even tracks scores so you can see who reigns supreme.

Create other bots like our demo quiz bot, using the new tools added to the Bot API.

Read more about Polls 2.0 and all the new changes here:
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2020-01-17 15:01:20 We're looking for more Content Moderators to join our team.

Responsibilities: Use a specialized interface to manually sort content according to provided guidelines.

Preferred qualifications: Fluency in English, strong analytical skills, quick reaction, attention to detail.

If you love order and have the self-discipline required for remote work, chat up our @jobs_bot.

Choose Content Moderator and fill in the required info. If you're selected, the bot will share a series of test tasks in the coming weeks.
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