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Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features.

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2021-03-18 17:01:22
Preview Chats. Press and hold a chat’s profile picture on Android to pull up a preview of its messages – without making messages as read.

On iOS, press and hold anywhere on the chat. This also opens up a menu with additional actions .
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2021-03-09 15:31:12
Send Without Compression. Photos and videos can be sent at their full quality and size – up to 2 GB per file.

On Android, tap > File > Gallery
On iOS, tap > File > Photo or Video
33.9K views12:31
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2021-03-05 15:28:37
Invite by QR Code. Convert an invite link for your group or channel into a scannable QR code to send and share anywhere.
108.7K views12:28
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2021-03-04 12:43:16
Imported Messages. You can move chats from other apps to Telegram and keep all your memories in one place.

When importing chats, if the destination chat on Telegram is new or has less than 1000 messages, everything will be seamlessly sorted by its original date and time.
120.0K views09:43
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2021-03-03 11:24:11
Invite Links. Share unique links inside or outside of Telegram to let other users instantly join your group or channel.

In addition to the permanent link, you can create multiple links with custom properties – like a limited duration or number of uses.
116.4K views08:24
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2021-03-02 12:49:43
Home Screen Widgets. Add custom widgets to your home page that show a preview of recent messages, or just a shortcut to your chats.

All widgets display unread message counters and instantly open the chat when tapped.
145.1K views09:49
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2021-03-01 14:07:32
Auto-Delete. Set a timer in any chat to automatically erase messages either 24 hours or 7 days after sending.

The timer only affects the messages sent after it is enabled, and can be modified at any time.
88.1K views11:07
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2021-02-15 13:25:35
Your phone number is hidden. By default, it is only visible to your contacts. In groups and chats, you will always appear as your chosen name.

If you create a username, people can find your profile and get in contact with you – without needing to know your phone number.
969.8K views10:25
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2021-02-14 15:26:08
Trending Stickers. Tap the (+) button in the sticker panel to see packs that are relevant for the season – or a certain day, like Valentine’s Day.
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2021-02-12 20:40:25
Global Search. Use the search field at the top of your chat list to find people by their usernames, as well as messages or media from all your chats.

Global Search also shows public channels and groups that you are welcome to join.
3.8M views17:40
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