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2022-08-30 14:00:15
Telegram user data disclosure policy in Germany

Users in Germany received a message from Telegram's service account. The messenger team decided to find out whether German users support the app's current Privacy Policy and whether they want to reduce or increase the number of times Telegram could potentially disclose data to the country's authorities, including the police.

“However, to prevent terrorist groups from misusing our platform, our Privacy Policy in place since 2018 allows us to disclose the IP addresses and phone numbers of suspected terrorists at the request of the government, supported by a court order,” the messenger team reminds.

To find out the opinion of the users Telegram decided to open survey, in which only users with German phone numbers can take part. Three different options were given to choose from:

OPTION 1: No change. Telegram will still be allowed to hand over the IP addresses and phone numbers of suspected terrorists only on the basis of a court decision. This option is already included in Telegram's current Privacy Policy.

OPTION 2: At the request of German police authorities, Telegram may disclose the IP addresses and phone numbers of suspected users, even if not confirmed by a court decision. This option, if approved, would be entirely new for Telegram and would therefore require changes to our Privacy Policy for German users.

OPTION 3: Telegram is not allowed to share user information under any circumstances, including the IP addresses and phone numbers of suspected terrorists. If this option is chosen, Telegram would change its data structure and Privacy Policy for German users.

The poll is active until 5th of September, 10:00 UTC.
It was previously reported that the German government had agreed with Telegram executives to further cooperate and continue to exchange views.

1.0K viewsSominemo, 11:00
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2022-08-30 13:17:24
Local Transcription on iOS

“Durov's Code” editors noticed (in Russian) you can use voice recognition engine from Apple on Telegram for iOS.

The feature has appeared in the June update together with Telegram Premium and is intended for testing.

By default, your speech is turned into text on Google Cloud server on your demand. Google's technology is used by Telegram to provide a high-quality service in many languages.

The Local Transcription option uses Apple's engine built into your iPhone or iPad. This way, the feature turns audio into text right on your device without sending data to Apple servers.

Apple's engine has lower recognition quality compared to Google's cloud recognition, especially in less popular languages. It also can't recognize longer messages, yet it works faster.

It makes sense to enable the option only if you need faster recognition at the price of getting a lower quality transcription, or if you have no Internet. The feature is unavailable without Telegram Premium and doesn't work in Secret Chats.

No need to be afraid of Google Cloud's voice recognition: despite of a lot of concerns, the company is not interested in Telegram users' messages. The agreements Google signs with other businesses to provide its Cloud services have an extremely strict privacy policy, so your voice messages are sent from Telegram's servers directly only to be transcribed once. You can read in more detail about why Google doesn't want Telegram users' voice messages in “Durov's Code” article (in Russian).

How to enable Local Transcription in Telegram for iOS
• Quickly tap the Settings icon 10 times in a row (or your profile picture if you have multiple accounts).
• The Debug menu will open. Find Local Transcription toggle and turn it on. We do not recommend you changing any other options in this menu.
1.2K viewsSominemo, 10:17
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2022-08-29 18:19:31 Pavel Durov promises to return 99% of seized usernames into general availability

Pavel Durov made a post on his channel, claiming that 70% of all public addresses were taken by Iranian cybersquatters.

“In mid-August, we withdrew all public Telegram addresses linked to channels that were empty or inactive for the last year. We will gradually reintroduce 99% of these addresses into public use, this time with algorithmic and geolocation limitations so that more users, and not just a select few, can benefit,” — Durov announced.

It's important to note that there is no guarantee the revoked usernames will be available to be claimed back by their original owners. Returning these names into general availability imposes a new era of cybersquatting.

At the same time Pavel Durov finds the earlier suggested way of distributing the usernames to be the most optimal and fair:

“This way, those who acquire these catchy links will be motivated to put them to good use and bring value to our users with original content hosted at recognizable addresses.”

In anticipation of the things to come, Telegram introduced the new link format, which we announced here.
4.2K viewsSominemo, 15:19
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2022-08-29 18:08:01 New link format in Telegram

Today Telegram launches link format for public usernames. Now every user can use public links like and

The only real difference from the classic link is that the username is at the beginning of the URL.

Such links are already working in all browsers, according to the Durov's channel.
4.6K viewsSominemo, 15:08
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2022-08-29 12:00:31
Petition to Return the Revoked Addresses of Telegram Channels

On August 19, Telegram revoked the public addresses of millions of channels around the world without warning their owners.

Those channels were often used as personal portfolios, public archives, and directories, which didn't need to post content often.

The process made many people upset and brought uncertainty to Telegram itself. Such actions without prior agreements with channel owners make Telegram less trustworthy to be used for any project.

The Telegram Info editorial board, @tginfo, and its international volunteers crew demand Telegram to:

• Return the confiscated public addresses back to their owners.
• Notify the owners of inactive channels about such actions.
• Allow users to claim public names that might be at risk.

If you want to participate in the petition, react with a to this post below and share this post with your audience. This is the only possible way to tell Telegram that the majority of its users are against this action.

Or if you think this action is a reasonable one, you can always react with a , along with your thoughts about its advantages.

Vote here:
34.8K viewsSominemo, 09:00
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2022-08-22 19:26:58
Pavel Durov intends to deeply integrate the TON cryptocurrency into Telegram

Durov was admired by the success of the TON Foundation and stated that by having Telegram's user base, the cryptocurrency could achieve more.

He also described scenarios like the transfer of @username's using smart contracts in cryptocurrency, as well as the creation of stickers and emojis, which would form a market based on TON.

Back in 2020, the US Securities and Exchange Commission banned the issuance of TON. Consequently, Telegram officially disowned the platform, and stopped participating in its development.

After a while, the TON Foundation was announced which has no official ties to Telegram, but apparently in a close alliance. A community of enthusiasts continues to develop TON and has plans to circumvent the SEC ban. Telegram intends to integrate TON in a way that looks like the TON team independently provides its services under a partnership.

Judging by the reaction of users to the post, most users do not appreciate the addition of the Web 3.0 philosophy into Telegram. It was even proposed earlier to integrate NFTs, to which the audience also reacted negatively.

Originally, TON was an attempt to monetize Telegram. Given that the messenger now has an advertising platform and paid subscriptions, it's hard to say how ready Pavel Durov is to go against the interests of users for the sake of another source of income.

Update: (Perhaps) due to the high number of negative reactions (around 30K), reactions were turned off in Durov's channel.
11.3K viewsAzer Sadykhzadeh, edited  16:26
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2022-08-22 16:03:45 You can no longer gift cheap Telegram Premium subscriptions to users from other countries

In the latest update, it became possible to gift a premium subscription to other users. To save money, some users began to gift Premium subscriptions through accounts created using phone numbers from countries where its price was much lower than in other countries.

The Telegram team noticed and made it impossible to do so, and only users with a linked phone number from the same country as yours can gift subscriptions at their regional price. If you gift Telegram Premium to an user residing in a country different than yours, then the prices will be internationalized (for example, in dollars, an annual subscription will cost $35.99).
9.7K viewsAzer Sadykhzadeh, 13:03
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2022-08-19 14:42:16
Telegram revokes inactive names

In the last couple of days, Telegram has revoked the public addresses of hundreds of public chats without warning their owners.

In the most of the cases, the affected chats where those which had no content, or no content for over a year.

A close source to Telegram reported that this is a common practice, and that it won't be possible to reoccupy the revoked addresses for a while.

Furthermore, according to the same source, there are plans to reform the public usernames system.
47.3K views>_run, 11:42
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2022-08-18 16:17:59 Scams on the Telegram Ad Platform

Yesterday, the first scam channel appeared on the Telegram Ad Platform.

The scammers create hundreds of fake channels which get approved for the Telegram Ad Platform, and then they use them to redirect users to their fraudulent channels.

Requiring companies to pay €2,000,000 has not prevented the platform from scammers which purchase advertisement packages from bigger companies.

Telegram is already aware of the incident and is taking action. Telegram Info Editors recommended a "Report" button for sponsored messages, so it may appear any time soon.
12.6K viewsRoj, edited  13:17
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2022-08-18 13:13:16
Huawei Services Support

The version of Telegram for Android in AppGallery is now supporting Huawei services for location and push notifications.

It previously used services from Google which led its operations to be unstable.

If you own a Huawei device, tell us if you have noticed better performance after Telegram's recent update.

You can download Telegram from AppGallery here.
10.0K viewsAzer Sadykhzadeh, 10:13
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