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Logo of telegram channel zelelaapp — Zelela
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🍔🍕🌮Food spots in addis you don't want to miss 🍧🍩🍰

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2022-04-13 17:23:13
Asa, Shiro, Salad and Juice

Sinknesh Asa Bet

Located around Bole Rwanda next to Egad Bldg

Sinknesh Asa Bet has got different cultural foods, but they're well known for their fish. They also got different kinds of juices, there's no sugar in them but if you want to sweeten them up, you can always ask for a honey.

Price - 430, 150, 200 & 100 (Includes Tax)

Use Google map for Location

#lunch #supper #dinner #asa #shiro #salad #juice #bole #sinknesh #asabet @zelelaapp
344 viewsJossy, 14:23
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2022-04-08 10:35:57
Chechebsa & Ful

Chaka Coffee

Located at 22 around Chichinya

Chaka Coffee is one of the places where you can get great breakfasts. They've got different types of foods but we chose to try their Chechebsa and Ful. The place is great just to hangout or chill.

Price - 190 & 150 (Includes Tax)

Use Google map for Location

#breakfast #supper #chechebsa #ful #coffee #macchiato #chakacoffee #chichinya @zelelaapp
741 viewsJossy, 07:35
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2022-04-05 17:00:57
Fried Kalguksu (Noodle), Tuna Sushi & Dolsot Bibimbap

Ari Rang Restaurant

Located around old airport just before you reach donut stop

Ari Rang is a Korean restaurant that serves you different kinds of foods. Their dishes are based on cultural Korean food that involves tuna, noodles, beef and vegetables. If you're craving for some Korean food, we recommend you try this.

Price - 493.35, 460 & 411.125 (Includes Tax)

Use Google map for Location

#lunch #dinner #noodle #tuna #rice #kalguskunoodle #tunasushi #dolsotbibimbap #arirang #korean #oldairport @zelelaapp
852 viewsJossy, 14:00
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2021-08-29 18:01:44
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2021-08-25 11:11:39
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2021-07-30 20:33:15
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