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Logo of telegram channel zero_to_mastery — Zero To Mastery
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2023-09-17 14:04:35
The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course : Network Security

4.3 - 3219 votes Original Price: $99.99

Become an expert in the ethical hacking and network security tool Nmap!

Taught By: Nathan House

Download Full Course:
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#IT_and_Software #NMAP #Network
16.8K views11:04
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2023-09-15 21:10:30
Python Programming: The Complete Python Bootcamp 2023

4.4 - 1838 votes Original Price: $74.99

Python from Scratch. Learn Data Science and Visualization, Automation, Excel, SQL and Scraping with Python.100% Hands-On

Taught By: Andrei Dumitrescu, Crystal Mind Academy

Download Full Course:
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#Development #Python
13.9K views18:10
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2023-09-14 21:12:28
Mastering React Native with NodeJs and MongoDB

4.1 - 29 votes Original Price: $59.99

Learn react native IOS & Android app development from scratch while building a real world project with tons of features

Taught By: Ryan Dhungel

Download Full Course:
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#Development #React #Nodejs #MongoDB
14.6K views18:12
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2023-09-13 16:32:48
Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2023: UI/UX, Figma, +more

Updated 2023
4.5 - 24445 votes Original Price: $74.99

Become a Designer in 2023! Master Mobile and Web Design, User Interface + User Experience (UI/UX Design), HTML, and CSS

Taught By: Andrei Neagoie, Daniel Schifano

Download Full Course:
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#Design #Figma #Webdevelopment
16.0K views13:32
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2023-09-11 23:21:34
Complete NodeJS Developer in 2023 (GraphQL, MongoDB, + more)

4.6 - 4157 votes Original Price: $74.99

Learn from real NodeJS experts! Includes REALLY Advanced NodeJS. Express, GraphQL, REST, MongoDB, SQL, MERN + much more

Taught By: Andrei Neagoie, Adam Odziemkowski

Download Full Course:
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#Development #Javascript #nodejs
14.3K views20:21
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2023-09-10 01:22:08
JavaScript Basics for Beginners

Duration: 6h 100 lessons
Original Price: 59$
Author: CodeWithMosh

Master the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript..

Download Full Course:
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16.3K views22:22
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2023-09-09 16:59:32
Morocco earthquake

Our thoughts go out to the people of Morocco on this tragic day. Praying for those who lost their lives, the injured and their families.
15.2K views13:59
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2023-09-07 21:10:12
Mastering React

Duration: 13h 220 lessons
Original Price: 149$
Author: CodeWithMosh

Don't get left behind. React is the way forward to building fast, interactive web apps. This course covers everything.

Download Full Course:
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14.6K views18:10
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2023-09-02 23:12:48
1st rule of programming: If it works, don't touch it.
Linkedin Learning
17.5K views20:12
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2023-06-02 19:45:42
Download and Watch The Best Python Courses:

Best python courses in Linkedin Learning
Best python courses in Udemy
Best python courses in many other Platforms

All in one channel:
7.1K views16:45
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