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Скачать Телеграмм на ПК (компьютер) бесплатно
Установить Telegram на русском языке

Download Telegram to computer (PC)

For personal computer owners, there are 3 distributions for three operating systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, which you can download from the links below.




Обмен файлами

File exchange

Поддержка бесплатных стикеров

Free sticker pack support

Множество ботов и каналов

Множество ботов и каналов

Отсутствие рекламы

No Ads

Download Telegram for PC (a personal computer) completely for free

PC owners will certainly choose to download the given app rather than constantly open a browser based online version. Fortunately, official developers have prepared installation packages for all popular operating systems. Everything you need to download free Telegram for PC (a computer) is to tap on the buttons which are given above and wait for the download to start. Further, you will need to install the application. The installation process is no different than installing other programs. The last stage includes a quick registartion procedure. Click here for more information: registration.  

Telegram window view on a PC



  • The messenger has the “Secret chat” function, with a help of which you may delete all the conversations by activating a self-destruct timer;
  • A Cloud Storage holds all data, so you can sign in to your account using any device;
  • The amount of files and messages for sending is unlimited;
  • There is a possibility of creating group chats with up to 20 000 members;
  • All you need for registration is a mobile phone.


Pros and cons

Telegram is characterized by a variety of advantages but it also has a few disadvantages.



  • The usage of a small amount of Internet traffic for sending text messages;
  • All functions are absolutely free and nothin gonna change;
  • No Ads.


  • No integrated catalogue of channels, chats, bots and games;
  • Currently, there is no possibility of arranging video conferences.

Download Telegram to computer (PC)
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