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Registration in Telegram

Do you want to register in Telegram online on the website or from PC? Here you will find all methods of creating an account on all platforms and OS available. Just follow the instructions.

Time for registration

Just under 1 minute
is needed for registration


No e-mail


Only a telephone
number is needed

How to register a Telegram account

The process of registration in Telegram for Android

Firstly, it is required to download the messenger for Android. There are two ways for activating an account: 1. A text message which will be sent to the number which you have entered during the registration. 2. Getting a code via the voice service. The application is automatically scanning contacts from a phone book and transmit them to the messenger for you to have no need in searching your friends. Currently, group chats can contain up to 20 000 members.

Registration in Telegram for iOS

The account creation process via your iPhone or iPad is pretty simple, follow these steps:

How to register in Telegram on Windows Phone

In order to do this, you also need to download the application on Windows Phone and run it:

The registration process for MacOS

The process includes the following stages:

How to register in Telegram on Windows

Everything is pretty clear, as well as for other platforms and OS. Carry out the following steps:

We have described the process of creation an account in the messenger for all platforms and OS available. The algorithm is practically the same, so you will probably have no diffficulty in it. An obligatory condition includes a phone number – it is impossible to register without it.

Frequently, you may face the following problem: you didn’t get an SMS code from Telegram. What should you do in such situation and what does it mean? You need to pay attention to the message which is shown after the second stage. It is usually looks like this: “We’ve sent the code to the Telegram app on your other device”. It happens when a code which you are trying to reister has already been used by the previous owner in the given messenger. Mobile operators often resell the same identification codes to their clients. In that case, the best solution is to use another SIM card. You may also tap on “Didn’t get the code?” and a password will be automatically sent via SMS. However, you should understand that the usage of such account can be risky, as its previous owner can get access to your conversations.

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