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«Telegram Proxy (SOCKS5) Bot» telegram bot

«Telegram Proxy (SOCKS5) Bot» telegram bot

Bot address: @proxy_socks5_bot
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This bot will help you connect proxy in Telegram. / Этот бот поможет вам подключить прокси в Telegram.

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How to configure a proxy in a Telegram?

There is a possibility that Telegram may be blocked. This bot will give you a free proxy to bypass the blocking of Telegram.

Instructions for setting up a proxy in Telegram for different devices and OS (Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS) are the same: just connect our proxy bot to your account. For this:

  1. Send to bot Telegram Proxy Bot a command «/start» and select the desired language.
  2. Click on the link sent by the robot - the settings are applied automatically.
  3. Ready!

In the Telegram messenger there is a function for connecting via a proxy. This technology in the case of locks uses a proxy server that is located in another country. It will simulate the connection to the Telegram, as if the user is in this country. The information is transmitted via the SOCKS5 protocol - for today it is the most advanced and protected algorithm. Therefore, all Telegram's customers will be able communicate freely, despite government bans.

Note: in order for the proxy settings to apply to all your Telegram clients (on the smartphone and on the desktop) you need to use the bot on each of these devices separately.

How to disable the proxy in Telegram?

When you want to disable the proxy, you will need:

  • on the smartphone in the settings, point Data and Storage, next the Proxy item, then drag the Use proxy settings slider to the off position;
  • on the computer in the settings, find the item Advanced Settings, the Connection type, and select Auto.

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