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The best messenger in the world
Messenger confidently appears on new platforms and gaining an audience due to its functionality. Look in the shops, which represents the Telegram app.

Install Telegram for any platform

You can download and install Telegram application for any available platform.
telegram chat
Telegram online
Web version of the popular messenger
Log in Telegram

Telegram messenger for all people

All messages are encrypted and can be set to self-destruct timer.
In the clouds
Messages are stored in the cloud, so you can communicate from any devices.
Messages are sent faster than in any other messenger.
Your correspondence is protected from hackers.
There is no limit in the size of transferred data and documents. Download telegram and enjoy.
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Telegram application for business

Soft compound
Log in messenger is possible from anywhere.
Group management
It's possible an invitation to group 5,000 peoples.
You can log in to your account from any device.
Sending documents
You can send any documents.
All communication is securely encrypted.
Deleting for timer
Messages come through the cloud and are not stored on the server, it is possible to put them a self-destruct timer.
Cloud storage
Quick access to the media and documents. Install telegram and share information without cares of memory footprint devices.
Tools API
You can create your own applications and telegram robots.
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