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2021-10-14 02:20:09

Pavel Durovʼs private life. Who is the founder of Telegram dating?

Pavel Durov is a closed book, in some way. In 2014, he sold out his share of ʺVKontakteʺ and emigrated from Russia. He acquired citizenship on St. Kitts and Nevis Car... More →

2021-02-01 15:21:35

Download Telegram for Android Download Telegram for Android

  Download Telegram for Android When downlo... More →

News Lifehacks
2017-10-11 20:11:44

How to create a delayed post in Telegram

Authors of Telegram channels often have to deal with unpleasant situations where their material is already ready to be published but the moment for sending a message is inopportune. If you want your a... More →

News Lifehacks
2017-06-15 16:20:24

Telegram secrets that you didn’t know about – 5 useful features for convenient communication

The audience of the Pavel Durovʼs messenger is growing at a quick pace owing to high application security and an excellent functional which provides extensive possibilities to clients, from bot creat... More →

News Lifehacks
2017-06-08 18:50:01

How to change Telegram color – new possibilities for interface themes

If compared with other messengers, Telegram is distinguished by its minimalistic interface which attracts users tired of extremely bright applications having lots of unnecessary elements. However, if ... More →

2017-06-07 14:46:00

Telegraph - a service for formatting and publishing text in Telegram

In the end of November 2016, a team of the Telegram messenger’s developers introduced a new service for online publications. Telegraph is a specific tool which allows creating large texts on the bas... More →

Research Functional
2017-06-06 20:10:40

What is the difference between a channel, a group and a supergroup in Telegram?

The Pavel Durovʼs messenger is characterized by a sufficiently high functionality and a possibility of creating several types of group communities is especially noteworthy. We are sure that new Teleg... More →

Research Technologies
2017-06-04 14:29:57

Why you need a phone number in Telegram and how to hide it

It is well known that signing in and further authorization in the application is carried out by means of a smartphone where a verification code is sent via SMS. In view of this, some users are anxious... More →

News Technologies Functional
2017-05-18 15:47:34

Telegram payments: possibilities of the Payment API bot monetizing platform

The appearance of a Telegram bot platform has provoked an explosive growth in the chat-bot programming world. However, no one is interested in dealing with such development on a voluntary basis. Teleg... More →

News Developers Functional
2017-02-03 17:00:31

Telegram themes – innovations for desktop versions

The latest Telegram desktop version update for Mac, Windows and Linux is characterized by several interesting innovations. Probably, the most important one includes a possibility of installing various... More →

News Research
2017-01-19 00:06:51

What Telegram is meant for and which are its advantages if compared to other messengers?

Telegram is a comparatively new messenger which does not prevent it from being regarded as a serious competitor to such extremely popular projects as WhatsApp and Viber. In this article, we are going ... More →

News Research Developers
2017-01-09 17:23:20

Marketing conception and objectives of Telegram

For the majority of people, the concept of a messenger is firstly associated with communication between friends, relatives, colleagues etc. However, Telegram objectives consist not only in providing s... More →

News Functional
2017-01-09 16:13:43

How to set up auto-posting in Telegram

Automatic translation of messages between websites, blogs and social networks may be carried out by means of special software. However, such function is frequently realized directly on websites’ ser... More →

News Functional
2016-12-26 20:19:56

Bulk messaging in Telegram: how it works

A message sending to a group of users is a perfect mean of mass communication. As distinguished from lots of social networks where such tool is commonly used for the sake of advertising and marketing,... More →

News Functional
2016-12-23 16:35:18

Last Seen status in Telegram: how to assure anonymity of application usage

Telegram users often want to conceal their messenger activity from other people. Although it is impossible to hide your online status today, there is a possibility of removing the exact time of your l... More →

News Functional
2016-12-21 15:11:07

Check marks beside messages in Telegram or privacy revisited

An important feature of any messenger is a possibility of not only sending a text, photos, videos and other files but also seeing them to be read by a conversation partner. This is what Telegram check... More →

News Functional
2016-12-19 20:40:30

Ban in Telegram – how to block an unwanted user

A necessity in blocking any contact arises for several reasons: a person has no respect or locks horns with some user; conflict situations due to personal animosity; a person turns out to be an ordina... More →

News Lifehacks Functional
2016-12-13 23:09:15

Where to find and how to save a photo received through Telegram

A suitable photo sometimes speaks louder than words. Along with methods of searching and adding images into a chat, we are going to tell you in detail how to save a photo from Telegram into your smart... More →

News Research Functional
2016-12-12 16:44:36

Telegram errors: parameters, main categories, examples

When working with Telegram messenger, the users sometimes receive notifications which are indicative of some particular problem. Telegram errors may be different in nature and structure, understanding... More →

News Functional
2016-12-07 21:30:47

How to copy a link in Telegram for inviting users to a chat, a group or a channel

Each group chat and a channel have their own URL address which can be sent to friends from Telegram contact list or other social networks as an invitation. In order to realize the given possibility, i... More →

News Lifehacks Functional
2016-11-28 21:29:45

How to send GIFs in Telegram: advanced features

The developers of Telegram have made a present for GIF-lovers by significantly improving the given functionality. In this article, we want to provide information on the ways of sending Telegram GIFs a... More →

News Functional
2016-11-24 20:40:47

How to create a poll in Telegram: bots for setting up a functional

Social network queries and polls are actively used for solving various tasks: receiving feedback on some particular product, determining demands of the audience, developing a group and increasing its ... More →

2016-11-24 20:24:22

How to view and delete history in Telegram

Pavel Durovʼs service is positioned as the most secure messenger providing clients with maximum privacy during the communication process. The main difference from concurrent applications is that Tele... More →

News Lifehacks Technologies Functional
2016-11-20 20:01:22

Telegram commands to manage bots

Robots (bots, chatbots) are automated accounts which make it easier to solve lots of tasks while working with a messenger. To put it simply, a robot is a small assistant ready to unconditional executi... More →

News Functional
2016-11-13 16:10:40

Telegram subscribers: how to join a channel and the reasons for doing this

Telegram channels are practically analogous to VK publics. However, they have several peculiarities you need to know about. The point is that they are located in dialogue list but not in some specific... More →

News Lifehacks Functional
2016-11-04 13:54:28

Telegram guide: the main aspects of working with a messenger

Telegram is a free messenger for smartphones, tablets and PCs which was developed by the Digital Fortress Company founded by Pavel Durov.  In order to understand how to use this application, we are g... More →

Technologies Functional
2016-10-28 15:14:09

How two-step verification secures users’ data in Telegram

Taking into consideration dissatisfaction of many clients with one-factor verification based on the SMS-code, the developers of the famous messenger added the second identity check factor. In this art... More →

News Lifehacks
2016-10-22 13:48:56

How to promote a Telegram channel: 7 key points

In the summer of 2015, Pavel Durovʼs messenger possessed a new functional, so today the users have a possibility of creating a public page and sending the messages to an unlimited number of subscribe... More →

2016-10-18 19:39:07

Anonymous Telegram: the truth about virtual communication security

Is it possible to ensure absolute communication anonymity nowadays? This issue became even more topical after Snowden’s disclosures. It is security concept which Pavel Durov kept in mind when creati... More →

2016-10-16 12:57:13

Telegram calls – VoIP telephony implementation predictions

Voice and video communication via Internet networks has grown in popularity in the beginning of the 21st century and it is currently used by many services including some popular messengers such as Sky... More →

News Research
2016-10-10 21:32:19

Telegram games – a long-expected bot platform development

Telegram has launched a long-expected game platform. Telegram games are a predicted logical development of a platform for third party developers which was implemented a year or so ago. Currently, abou... More →

News Research
2016-10-08 16:12:37

Telegram vs Viber – comparison of two popular messengers

In order to carry out a comparative analysis of two applications, evaluation criteria should be based on the most relevant issues taking place in a virtual communication environment. They include func... More →

News Research
2016-10-08 16:04:55

Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram – new tendencies in the world of communication

The active development of the smartphone market and mobile internet availability contributed to the rapid growth of messengers’ popularity. Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram are the most widespread servi... More →

2016-10-08 15:57:03

Telegram Supergroups: the process of creation and distinguishing features

For the purpose of bringing lots of interlocutors together in one dialogue, the developers of a well-known messenger proposed a new service to their clients. Telegram Supergroups are an updated versio... More →

News Research
2016-10-08 15:02:41

Telegram vs WhatsApp – which service is better

Beyond all doubt, WhatsApp is a real giant among modern messengers. However, currently, it has a worthy competitor – it is Telegram which rapidly managed to force its concurrence and even took the l... More →

2016-09-26 20:15:02

The realization of Telegram data encryption process and its difference from other messengers

Regardless of the fact that the messenger designed by Pavel Durov was launched long after its main competitors such as WhatsApp and Viber, it didn’t take it long to acquire the reputation of one of ... More →