How to change Telegram color – new possibilities for interface themes

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How to change the color of Telegram

If compared with other messengers, Telegram is distinguished by its minimalistic interface which attracts users tired of extremely bright applications having lots of unnecessary elements. However, if the standard theme does not look good to the eye anymore and you want to know how to change Telegram color, the given article will prove useful to you.


Just a little while ago, a change of color settings of mobile application versions was limited to installing another background only, whereas desktop versions have more broad functional since the beginning of the year – it allows changing not only a background image but also the way the buttons and other elements look like. The latest update for Android devices provided a possibility of installing user themes on smartphones as well. Besides, such option is expected to appear for iPhone and iPad in the near future.


Algorithm of a background image change

Telegram has a pretty simple background installed by default. As a rule, a background of a dialogue chat box features a grey picture with barely visible illustrations of various objects, from animals to the messenger’s logo. At the same time, installed PC-version has more cheerful picture with chamomiles against the green background.


Algorithm for replacing the background in the Telegram
Wallpaper for dialogs is easy to change in the settings


If you are not satisfied with a color or an image proposed by the developers, you may change it at any moment. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your application settings by tapping on the service button (three dots) and changing the «Settings» section.
  2. Find the «Chat background» option where the users are offered to install one of the standard backgrounds or use their own picture/photo.
  3. After choosing the required image, it will be automatically loaded and installed in a chat window.


In PC version, a background can be tiled. In order to do this, you need to place a check mark beside the «Tile background» option in the «Chat background» section.


How to change Telegram color on PC or Android

As it has been already mentioned, the latest versions are provided with a possibility of changing Telegram theme for PCs and smartphones. A user may not only change a dialogue window background but also create his own interface theme with a help of a special editor. The given functional makes a color change of any element available, so even the most scrupulous users will be satisfied. Moreover, it is easy to work with this editor. Just follow these recommendations:


Window for editing a custom theme in the Telegram
This is how the user theme editing window looks on the PC


  1. Go to the «Settings» menu.
  2. Find the «Chat background» (for PCs) or «Theme» (for Android) section.
  3. Choose the «Edit theme» (for PCs) or «Create new theme» (for Android). You will see the editor’s window where it is possible to change a color of any interface element.


For the changes to take effect, you need to save/export the file by yapping on the appropriate button located at the bottom of the editor.


If you don’t want to create your color scheme, you may visit a special telegram channel called Desktop Themes Channel where you will find lots of user themes. In order to install the variant you like, tap on the file having the .tdesktop-theme (for PCs) or .attheme (for Android) extension and confirm your actions. The best designs fall into our catalog in the Themes section.


How to reset to default settings

When an updated theme does not correspond to your visual preferences or a new color turns out to be irritating, you may want to reset to default settings as quick as possible. Everything you need is to carry out these simple actions:


How to return to the factory settings in the Telegram
If you get bored of experimenting with the design, you can return the standard appearance


  1. Go to your account settings.
  2. Further, go to the «Chat background» (for PCs) or «Theme» (for Android) section.
  3. Choose the «Use default color theme» option.
  4. Adopt changes.


It cannot be said that a color and background change is the most important Telegram feature. Nevertheless, it breaks the monotony, as it allows adjusting the application appearance as you want. It is not a secret that each person has its own personality, so why not to give people an opportunity of creating their own interface which will correspond to all their demands. In such a way, the developers of Telegram have managed to make this messenger more user-friendly, for an ordinary user in particular.

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