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2017-10-11 20:11:44

How to create a delayed post in Telegram

Authors of Telegram channels often have to deal with unpleasant situations where their material is already ready to be published but the moment for sending a message is inopportune. If you want your a... More →

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2017-06-15 16:20:24

Telegram secrets that you didn’t know about – 5 useful features for convenient communication

The audience of the Pavel Durovʼs messenger is growing at a quick pace owing to high application security and an excellent functional which provides extensive possibilities to clients, from bot creat... More →

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2017-06-08 18:50:01

How to change Telegram color – new possibilities for interface themes

If compared with other messengers, Telegram is distinguished by its minimalistic interface which attracts users tired of extremely bright applications having lots of unnecessary elements. However, if ... More →

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2016-12-13 23:09:15

Where to find and how to save a photo received through Telegram

A suitable photo sometimes speaks louder than words. Along with methods of searching and adding images into a chat, we are going to tell you in detail how to save a photo from Telegram into your smart... More →

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2016-11-28 21:29:45

How to send GIFs in Telegram: advanced features

The developers of Telegram have made a present for GIF-lovers by significantly improving the given functionality. In this article, we want to provide information on the ways of sending Telegram GIFs a... More →

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2016-11-20 20:01:22

Telegram commands to manage bots

Robots (bots, chatbots) are automated accounts which make it easier to solve lots of tasks while working with a messenger. To put it simply, a robot is a small assistant ready to unconditional executi... More →

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2016-11-04 13:54:28

Telegram guide: the main aspects of working with a messenger

Telegram is a free messenger for smartphones, tablets and PCs which was developed by the Digital Fortress Company founded by Pavel Durov.  In order to understand how to use this application, we are g... More →

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2016-10-22 13:48:56

How to promote a Telegram channel: 7 key points

In the summer of 2015, Pavel Durovʼs messenger possessed a new functional, so today the users have a possibility of creating a public page and sending the messages to an unlimited number of subscribe... More →