Telegram secrets that you didn’t know about – 5 useful features for convenient communication

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Telegram secrets that you didn’t know about

The audience of the Pavel Durovʼs messenger is growing at a quick pace owing to high application security and an excellent functional which provides extensive possibilities to clients, from bot creation to full theme editing. However, it is a convenient service for communication in the first place. Taking this into account, we want to share some Telegram secrets which will make your social life a bit easier.


Priority of chats, groups and channels

If a person is an active telegram user, so his or her chat list may include dozens of communities, the position of which is formed automatically depending on last action date. All chats, groups and channels can be conditionally divided into the ones of high and low priority. As a rule, the former ones prevail in the general list. For this reason, it is no surprise that a Telegram user wants to mark important dialogues in some way in order not to spent precious time searching for them.


One of Telegram secrets includes a possibility of prioritizing communities by users themselves. For realizing the given function, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Find a chat in the list.
  2. Open a context menu (you need to long-tap the chat’s name – for smartphones, or click on it with a right mouse button – for PCs).
  3. Choose the «Pin to top» section.


Priority of chats, groups and channels in Telegram
To fix the dialog at the top, click “Pin to top”


From now on, the given dialogue will be always located at the top of the list.


Pinned posts in your feed

When visiting a group chat, we frequently see a pinned post at the top of a dialogue box – it helps beginner users to obtain an overview of the community or notifies all its members of some important news. You will have no difficulty in realizing this feature:

  1. Type and send your text.
  2. In a dialogue box, select your message and open a context menu.
  3. Choose the «Pin Message» option.


It should be noted that the given feature has a specific secret – it is available to the supergroupsʼ administrators only.


How to delete and edit sent text messages

Deleting and editing of messages sent in the Telegram
Do not worry: what you have already sent, you can edit or delete


It may happen that a person notices his mistake made when typing a message only after it has been already sent. Needless to say that he wants to correct it. You know, far from every service allows editing the sent messages. However, the Telegram messenger is not among them. It makes it possible not only to correct the text but also delete it from your interlocutorʼs and your dialogue box. In order to do this, follow these instructions:

  • Tap on the message for opening a context menu.
  • Choose the «Edit» option (to edit a message) or «Delete Message» (to delete it).
  • If you want to delete your message, you need to confirm your actions while indicating that it must be removed from all the conversation members’ dialogues.


Telegram secrets on how to manage stickers in Telegram

A possibility of working with stickers is one of the key advantages of Telegram. Firstly, all packs are absolutely free. Secondly, each user can add his own sticker pack by creating unique pictures via Photoshop and loading them into the messenger, using the @Stickers bot. Besides, there are specific secrets on how to manage sticker packs. Standard manuals often neglect them.


Telegram secrets for managing stickers
The order of the stickers can be changed as you like


If lots of sticker packs are available, they can be arranged in that sequence which a user will consider the most convenient one. Such possibility is realized in the following way:

  1. Open the emoji panel.
  2. Go to the tab containing sticker.
  3. Find the Service button located on the right hand and tap on it.
  4. In the appeared window, you will see a special icon located right beside each sticker pack. Hold it and drag a pack to any place of the list.


One more interesting feature is a possibility of previewing stickers before loading them. If you tap on the miniature picture from the pack and hold it, you will be able to see a sticker in real size and take a close look at it before sending to your interlocutor.


Hashtags and replies to messages

Secrets of Telegram hashtags and replies to messages
Hashtags work on the same principle as in other usual social networks


Hashtags allows structuring your conversations. If you insert the # symbol before any word, it will become clickable. When tapping on it, you will see a window with all the messages containing that hashtag.


A possibility of replying to a particular message is also a useful feature. If you want to realize it, open a context message menu and choose the «Reply» option. In this case, the author of this message will get a reply notification, even if he disabled the notification function in the given group chat.


It is not secret that Telegram is a relatively new messenger. Nevertheless, it provides a pretty powerful functional for developers and ordinary users even now. So, it is worthwhile to try using this service and compare it with other similar ones – all the more so you can do it for free.

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