How to create a delayed post in Telegram

2017-10-11 20:11:44
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Authors of Telegram channels often have to deal with unpleasant situations where their material is already ready to be published but the moment for sending a message is inopportune. If you want your articles to be published according to schedule, you need to personalize your delayed post in Telegram. Unfortunately, such opportunity is not provided by the standard functional. So how can you do it? Bots will help you with solving this problem.  

Bots for a delayed post in Telegram

Actually, we recommend the only account which is called @ControllerBot. As of today, no one offers the analogous functional. Owners of more than 30 000 accounts of the messenger are using the given tool. Support services are actively working and the functional is constantly enhanced. However, far from every user consider the Controller to be the best technical solution. With the appearance of one of the latest updates it has become harder to make a publication. There are also some disputable points concerning security (you have to provide the developers with your token).   In order to connect your channel, follow this step-by-step guide:
  1. Transmit the /addchannel command to the Controller.
  2. Choose the “Connect a new bot” option. One bot is enough to be used it with all your channels.
  3. Then you will receive a link to @BotFather. Start a dialogue by pressing the “Start” button and send the /newbot command.
  5. Choose the robot's name and username. You are free to take any available ones.
  6. After it is ready, you need to transmit the received answer to @ControllerBot or just copy and send it your token.
  7. Make the created robot-account an administrator. How to accomplish this task? Open the community's settings: Admins → Add Admins (to add a new one) → type your bot's username in the search box, select and add it to the list of administrators.
  8. Further, give your channel's username to @ControllerBot or send any message from it (the 2nd variant is suitable for private communities).
  9. Done! It is is connected to the Controller. Everything you need is to indicate your town in order to identify a time zone.
    Now let's give consideration to the publication procedure:
  1. Choose the group where your content should go public.
  2. Provide the Robot with the required information (videos, photos, text and even stickers).
  3. Further, you may attach reactions, buttons or personalize notifications if needed. We are going to dig more into the mentioned functions a bit later.
  4. When your message is ready, you need to make up your mind whether to publish it at once or after a while.
  5. In order to carry out a delayed posting, indicate correct moment to do it today or even date to do it afterwards. Remember that date should have the following format: Hours/Minutes/Day/Month including spaces. Thus, 16 30 6 8 means 16:30, August 6.
  6. Ready! Tap on the “Next” button. Your information is saved and will be published on schedule.
    You may have a look at your preparations on the “Post administration” menu. You can view the content, change schedule or delete any of them. If you want to edit the information which has been already published, transmit the appropriate message from the channel to your dialogue with the Controller. Send the correct text in order to change it.  

What is the purpose of delayed publications?

Some users may consider such functional to be needless. When you have a brilliant idea, we want to share it with your followers as soon as possible. Now we are going to change doubters' minds.   There is at least a couple of reasons why bringing out publications in accordance with a timer is efficient. Firstly, you get a possibility of planning. Due to such approach, you can forget about content deficiency and your followers can stop worrying about nonscheduled articles. Any professional working in SMM is aware of the importance of content plans. Surely, when it comes to Telegram, there is no need in creating a semantic kernel, but there is still something you would do well to learn from SMM specialists.   Secondly, you save your precious time. Certainly, you may get your materials ready by using third-party services and bring them out manually when needed. However, in such case, you have to copy media and text once again, deal with formatting in the messenger, monitor time, etc. If using @ControllerBot, you will be able to do all at once.    

Other functions of the ControllerBot

Along with saving a delayed post in Telegram, it gets some other advantages under the belt:
  • HTML or Markdown text formatting. The given robot also has knowledge of Native Markdown (available on smartphones) and resent messages containing formatting.
  • Possibility of attaching reactions and URL-buttons. Select the “Add reactions” and “Add a keyboard” buttons when creating a publication. You can also choose emoji-likes (6 emoji at most). The command format needed to create an inline-keyboard: Name of Button 1 - Link 1. Reactions are also available in the @like robot.
  • Statistics showing the number of followers and represented graphically in PNG. To get the statistics, use the /stats command and then select the required period.
  Besides, you may additionally connect other admins. In such a way, they get a possibility of publishing information by means of a Telegram-bot. Try the above-mentioned functions out on your audience - these particular tools are very likely to become irreplaceable for you.