How to promote a Telegram channel: 7 key points

2016-10-22 13:48:56
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In the summer of 2015, Pavel Durovʼs messenger possessed a new functional, so today the users have a possibility of creating a public page and sending the messages to an unlimited number of subscribers. In order to provide the significant growth of these subscribers, it is necessary to know how to promote a channel in Telegram and what should be done for keeping it popular.  

Key points about Telegram channels

A channel in Telegram is something between a subject blog and a news feed. Its main peculiarity is that the author has no feedback communication with his subscribers who can view the messages but cannot leave comments and evaluate some concrete posts.     The desire of executing the promotion of a Telegram channel is not surprising. The given niche has no such concurrence which is peculiar for other social networks and this allows getting good traffic by making less efforts. The growth of its popularity is sustainable and absolutely logical in view of the following key advantages:
  • Main information is not lost in discussions, because it is isolated from unwanted details.
  • Each platform is associated with some particular person which enhances confidence in a source.
  • Application allows successfully combine personal posts and current news.
  • Users get an opportunity to control their information streams by themselves.
  • Subscribers automatically receive the messages notifying about the appearance of new posts in their news feed.
  According to the research, the most users check their phones for new notifications every few seconds. For this reason, push notifications do not irritate and represent a perfect communication tool as well.  

How to promote a Telegram channel from scratch

The messenger channel is usually created for two reasons: in order to providing personal content or selling advertisement space. In both cases, for achieving a desired goal, it is necessary to promote a Telegram channel to make it attractive both for ordinary users and advertisers.     Seven promotion rules which will contribute to audience capture, retention and gain are given below.
  1. It is initially better to avoid importunity. The platform promotion should be carried out not forcibly but in a natural way.
  2. It is necessary to place a link to a page. At the same time, there is no need to remind about its existence once too often. It will be enough do it one or two times a week.
  3. Before starting your platform announcement, it is necessary to fill it with several posts having some interesting images. It is unlikely that someone will want to subscribe for an empty page.
  4. A subject should be narrowly focused. Getting distracted by several subjects frequently does not allow turning the trick.
  5. The optimum size of your text content should be equal to 500 symbols. It must be noted that the main audience uses smartphones for working with Telegram, so the text is desired to take no more than two screens.
  6. The links from other Telegram channels make a great contribution. The problem is that the promoted platforms ask for serious amounts of money for such service (from 5 thousand rubles for one reference). On the other side, this niche is brand-new, so it is possible to find lots of unpopular Telegram channels and offer them mutual promotion.
  7. The qualitative links are considered the best format for the promotion in Telegram. If you regularly offer the visitors interesting content from various sources, they will not only stay here for long but also recommend you to their friends.

Top 10 Most Popular Channels

Today Telegram has sufficient channels. Some of them became famous immediately after the appearance of the given functional and the others won their popularity not so long ago which did not prevent them from reaching a significant number of subscribers. The most popular channels include:    
  • @levardos. The best humor stuff on the Web.
  • @mpscmaterial. You can get here useful videos , photos , pdf , Audio clips , etc that helps you in preparation of MPSC exam.
  • @updateee. Funny Image with Quote.
  • @daily_music. Get the best daily music.
  • @grammarism. Grammar,phrases ,poems, quotes and other stuffs.
  • @geekschannel. Fresh Telegram news blog.
  • @thehits. One good thing about music, when it #hits you, you feel no pain.
  • @indianmovies. All Indian Movies HD Quality Free Download.
  • @stickerschannel. What's up bro? Do you want to discover the coolest stickers? Wanna impress your friends with the best shit?
  • @movie_trailer. Daily New Movie Trailes.

How to subscribe

In order to subscribe to any channel, it is necessary to open it in the app and tap the link in the left part of the screen.     In the appeared window, you need to find the line “Join Channel”. After subscribing, you will be able to receive notifications about new posts on a regular basis. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to analyze the platform functioning and pick up some useful ideas for developing your own Telegram-channel.