Ban in Telegram – how to block an unwanted user

2016-12-19 20:40:30
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A necessity in blocking any contact arises for several reasons: a person has no respect or locks horns with some user; conflict situations due to personal animosity; a person turns out to be an ordinary spammer. It is reasonable to mention that any Telegram user in the personal friend list may be banned. In group chats and supergroups, such function is available only for administrators which are appointed by the group’s creator.    

Contact blocking and unblocking methods

In order to add a user to your blacklist, it is necessary to carry out specific actions, the consequence of which depends on your device type.   Owners of smartphones can realize a Telegram ban function in the following way:
  1. Open a contact list and find out a user which you need to ban. Tap on his or her name.
  2. Tap on the service button (three vertical dots) on the top right side of the screen.
  3. Select the «Block user» option in the opened menu.
  4. Give a positive answer to the question «Are you sure you want to block the given contact?»
    As for owners of PC (Windows operating system), there are two methods of banning an account from their own contact list:
  1. Hold the mouse pointer over the userʼs name, click with a right mouse button and select the «Blockuser» option in the appeared context menu.
  2. Hold the mouse pointer over a contact in the friend list, click with a left mouse button, tap on the «Contact info» button on the top right side and find the «Block user» line at the bottom of the opened window.
  If you add a person into a blacklist, it does not mean that he or she will be removed from your friends once for all. A user will be in the contact list but will not be able neither to send you a message nor define your last visit time. Anyway, there is always a chance for you to change your mind and unblock a «guilty» user. In this case, the consequence of actions is practically identical to the one of blocking manipulations. The only difference is that the «Unblock user» option will appear instead the «Block user» line.  

How to find out if your Telegram account is banned

A striking feature of Telegram blocking and unblocking function is the absence of any notifications of recent changes. You can use indirect indicators only to know if a user added you into a blacklist. Here they are:
  • A user has not been online for a long time. His or her unchanged status is «Offline» or «Last seen recently».
  • A standard image instead of a unique profile picture.
  • A possibility of sending a message is absent.
    These indicators do not provide an ironclad guarantee of blocking, as there are identical consequences when a person has deleted his or her Telegram account. You can use someone else’s account in order to confirm or refute your suspicions. For example, if you cannot send a message to the contact you are interested in, just use your friend’s phone to know what is wrong. If the sending from other device is successful, it means that you are banned.  

How to avoid banning

Firstly, it is necessary to identify a real block reason. Probably, you were too aggressive during online interactions or too insistent offering a user to become a member of some community, buy goods, so that your messages became being interpreted as spam. Adding an account into a blacklist is an absolutely predicted response to such actions. If you want other users not to follow the path taken by their colleague, it is desirable to change your communication style or stop spamming in chats.     Although a probability of accidental account blocking is not high, you need to take it into account. That is why, it is better to find out the real cause during one-to-one talk. We think that the only effective method here is to call the number mentioned during authorization in the application. In such a way, you will get a chance to avoid banning. That is, if you really need to communicate with this person.