What Telegram is meant for and which are its advantages if compared to other messengers?

2017-01-19 00:06:51
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Telegram is a comparatively new messenger which does not prevent it from being regarded as a serious competitor to such extremely popular projects as WhatsApp and Viber. In this article, we are going to understand what is Telegram meant for and why this application is already installed on millions of devices all over the globe.    

5 key aspects you need to know about Pavel Durovʼs messenger

Developers of the messenger place emphasis on five main components which constitute the basis of its operation:
  1. Privacy and security
The protection of Telegram messages from third parties snooping was the main task during its development. In order to put it into practice, the Durov brothers (Telegram creator and its chief developer) offered their clients the MTProto protocol. Due to this protocol, the encryption level of all the users’ conversations is so high that no one hacker has still managed to read them. The maximum security is realized in so called secret chats where there is no access to conversations even for a server.
  1. Information transmission rate
Rapid data processing and transmission is another reason why we cannot do without Telegram. A high rate is achieved by means of locating data centers around the globe, so each client is served with whiplash speed regardless of its town, country or continent.
  1. Cloud structure
As all information is stored on remote servers, you can get access to your account from any device. Besides, such approach allows reducing the load on mobile gadgets.    
  1. Cross-platform UI
Telegram supports all operating systems known today. They include Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, MacOS and even Linux. Moreover, if a client was authorizing via his smartphone with Android operating system, for example, he will not need the additional authorization when visiting this messenger again from the device with other OS.
  1. Free-of-charge basis
Currently, Telegram and its services are absolutely free. The same cannot be said for its competitors. Even stickers, the amount of which is constantly growing, are available for free.  

Functional features of Telegram

Along with security, speed and availability, the given application is distinguished among its competitors by interesting functional solutions. They include the following ones:
  • Amount of members in groups
The main difference of telegram groups from similar communities in other messengers is the maximum limit of users equal to 5000 (for you to compare, WhatsApp group chats are allowed to contain only 256 members).
  • Usage of bots
A possibility of working with bots allows carrying out complicated tasks and receiving the required information in several clicks. Besides, you may not only use the existing bots but also create your own ones, setting them up as you wish.
  • GIF-images and stickers creation
As we have already mentioned, you do not need to pay for stickers in Telegram. The same goes for GIF-animations. However, the key peculiarity is not only their availability but also a possibility of creating your own GIFs and stickers.    
  • Easy cache memory control
In order not to swamp the memory of your device, it is possible to set up the auto removal of files which have not been used for a long period of time. You can also deactivate the feature of automated download of photos and videos from your conversations, which is particularly important for the clients having the low Internet stability.
  • Message editing
You can edit the message sent during two days. This function may be completely useless for your ordinary communication with friends but, when it comes to business conversations, it has an inestimable advantage.

Who needs Telegram and which tasks it can complete

It would be incorrect to say that Telegram is the best server if compared to the similar ones. In addition, the given concept is rather conditional. For example, Viber and WhatsApp has more extended functional, allowing their users to make calls in particular, which is yet impossible to do in Telegram. However, Pavel Durov has noticed many times that he did not establish a goal to obligatory beat his competitors. Moreover, his service has been initially positioned as an experimental platform for the MTProto protocol.  As judged by results, this experiment was a success and now we are going to wait the application to acquire different features.   Telegram developers are facing the serious challenge. They should not only provide the users with a common chat for communicating and sending funny emojis, GIF-images and other social goodies but also create a cross-platform notebook with a possibility of immediate sending any files and creating stable conferences. Even as we speak, many businessmen prefer installing Pavel Durovʼs application in order to communicate with their clients and business partners. This is not surprising, as when it comes to such business communities, pride of place goes to security and reliability of communication.