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Banned from Twitter since 2018. Pizzagate is real. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🐸🙏🏻

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2021-05-18 03:46:42 Remember this article when Chrissy Teigen’s PR machine concocts a new publicity stunt for her to paint her as a victim again. Last summer she announced she was “pregnant” to deflect from her pedophile tweets going viral again. She forgot that she showed herself drinking alcohol on social media while she was allegedly pregnant & underwent surgery. She then staged a photo shoot for her fake miscarriage that was a result of her fake pregnancy to garner sympathy.

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2021-05-18 03:28:31
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Hudson’s Bay just dropped Chrissy Teigen’s products. Kitson LA has been doing a great job holding Chrissy’s business partners accountable. You should follow them on Instagram @kitsonlosangeles & support them.
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2021-05-17 06:13:51 https://t.me/PepeMatter/2016
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2021-05-16 22:13:39 Also, let’s remind the bigger accounts calling out Chrissy Teigen that she did not only encourage teenagers to kill themselves, she has a long history promoting pedophilia in her tweets. This issue should not be danced around or ever forgotten! 🍕

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2021-05-16 22:09:48 After swarmed with thousands of complaints, Macy’s has joined Target in dropping Chrissy Teigen products. This is proof that We The People have the power & we will not stand for false idols promoting teenage suicide & glorifying child sexual abuse. Get on social media & demand that Chrissy’s other business partners drop her. Here are their handles:

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2021-05-13 00:03:33
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2021-05-13 00:03:28
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2021-05-13 00:03:05 Here are some of Chrissy Teigen’s pedophile tweets. Despite her deleting 60,000 tweets, they all have been archived & yes they’re real.
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2021-05-13 00:00:52
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Chrissy Teigen apologized to Courtney Stodden, but not surprisingly, she lied in her apology.
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