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"Donald Trump Jr" Telegram Channel

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EVP of Development & Acquisitions The Trump Organization, Father, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
Son of Former President of the United States Donald J. Trump.


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2021-03-14 04:25:31 Kristi Noem kept her state open for business! Let’s stand with Governors like @govkristinoem by signing up to support her as she fights for personal responsibility, freedom and the America First Agenda. Sign up to stay in touch by clicking the link! https://j.mp/3rGPAXT
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2021-03-14 04:25:26
Picture 1 from Donald Trump Jr 2021-03-14 04:25:26
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2021-03-12 02:08:46 There is no finer analogy for the Biden presidency than his dog biting a federal law enforcement officer. Watch the video 2 posts above. You can’t make this crap up. Remember when Trump had a similar dog in the White House it was the dog that chased murdering scum bag Al Bhagdadi down a cave to his doom. Joe Biden’s dog bites a federal law enforcement officer.
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2021-03-09 23:06:54 Amazing: Trump Fans Surprised Me and My Father Today in NYC (You Gotta See This)
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