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Remnant Christian Network is committed to the sound teaching of the undiluted Word of God and to Prayer.
We strive for the rebirth of Apostolic Christianity.

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2022-01-18 12:55:46

If you have a burning desire to fulfil purpose, by being forged into a vessel - meet for the Master's use and relevant in the eternal scheme of things - in the kingdom of the Monarch of Zion, the cave of Adullam is for you.

Application/Registration is ongoing for the following program:


To register, visit https://adullam.ng/registerGhana

For Enquiries, contact: +233 59 585 4604 / +233 50 461 8033

ADULLAM🏹 _"...he bade them TEACH the use of the bow."_
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2022-01-08 13:27:02
The Lord's speakings are consistent throughout all generations. His words dispense life, light and healing. We can't do without them!

It's why we set the coordinates of the year in the centre of His counsel--His proceeding word to us as individuals and as a people.

Do join us!
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2022-01-04 19:47:18
Let's stretch together. Let's build together. Let's gain ascendancy together.

Let's make these 40 days count in the courts of heaven. It's time for definite earthly permission for heavenly interference.

Do join us!
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2022-01-04 12:59:57


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2022-01-03 11:43:30
Join Apostle Arome Osayi live in WAFBEC 2022.


Facebook: https://fb.watch/ais69XkEyp/

Mixlr: https://mixlr.com/covenant
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2022-01-03 11:39:37
Join Apostle Arome Osayi live in Wafbec 2022.


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2021-12-24 15:59:06
Hello beloved,

As we navigate these boisterously tidal and strange times, the Lord is our sail, anchor, mooring, and captain.

By His Spirit our faith is powered to maximise the possibilities of redemption.

We are indeed strengthened with might by His Spirit in our inner man when we wholly give Him our ears and hearts. The waves of contradictions cannot overwhelm us, the gaping chaos in the world cannot swallow us and the forces of hell cannot upend us!

The season is doubtless all about Jesus! This is why we believe the beauties and bounties that are tightly knitted to this season will fill your life and home in Jesus’ name.

From me, my family and the Remnant Nation, we are wishing you a merry Christmas and an explosive new year. See you on the brilliantly verdant steps of 2022!

Your brother,

Arome Osayi.
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2021-12-19 22:17:45
Now Ministering: Apostle Arome Osayi

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2021-12-18 22:13:38
Join Apostle Arome Osayi live in UPSA Ghana.


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2021-12-18 21:18:01
His unending mercies have kept us far beyond the reach of tragedy and mishap throughout the year 2021.

So our hearts and spirits explode with joy unspeakable and inelastic gratitude. It is with this sacred understanding that we want to offer thanksgiving to the One who has bathed us in His light-giving life.

Do join us!
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2021-12-15 11:47:49
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2021-12-15 11:45:50 Compliments of the season to all our readers around the world.

Get copies of Apostle Arome Osayi's life-changing titles for yourself and loved ones.

United States---Williams
+1 (507) 479-6333

Ghana---Rev. Isaac
+233 24 355 6666

+254 704 689280

United Kingdom---Kate
+44 7852 303271

Nigeria: +2348033569841


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2021-12-08 13:04:22
Afflictions and oppressions flourish more in the environment of ignorance.

Join us 4pm today as we receive prophetic insights with the capacity to obliterate the heinous works of darkness in our lives.
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2021-12-07 00:54:29 PST. MRS BRIDGET JANGFA
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