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The official source for news about the Telegram Bot API.

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The latest Messages

2024-03-31 21:01:57 Bot API 7.2

Telegram Business
• Bots can now manage private chats of Telegram Business subscribers who connect them to their account – check out BusinessConnection.
• Connected bots will receive updates about new messages, message edits and deletions in business chats they manage.
• Added the parameter business_connection_id to most send methods – to send messages on behalf of business users.
• Bots can now see business account details, such as their intro, opening hours and location.

Request Names, Usernames and Photos
• Bots can now request names, usernames and photos via new fields in the KeyboardButtonRequestUsers class.
• Likewise, bots can now use KeyboardButtonRequestChat to request chats' titles, usernames and photos.

• Introduced support for mixed-format sticker packs.
• Regular sticker sets now support up to 120 stickers.
• Bots can now upload WEBM stickers using sendSticker.
• Simplified sticker replacement via the new replaceStickerInSet method.

• Mini Apps now support biometric authentication.
• The Chat class may now contain the user's birthday and personal channel.

• And more, see the full changelog for details:

Note: We have updated our Terms of Service for Telegram Bot Developers, kindly check out the latest version here.
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2024-02-16 15:14:35 Bot API 7.1

Custom Emoji
Bots can now get the custom emoji sticker set chosen by a group and use any custom emoji from it.

• Added support for boost_added service messages, about new boosts added to the chat.
• Added the field sender_boost_count to the class Message, counting boosts added by the sender that are active on the message send date.

Bots can now check if admins have the rights to post, edit and delete stories in supergroups.
• Added the field reply_to_story to the class Message.

• And more, see the full changelog for details:
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2023-12-29 13:26:31 Bot API 7.0

Announcing our biggest Bot API update yet!

Introducing full reaction support for bots.
• Bots can now react to messages with setMessageReaction.
• Message reactions now generate updates for bots.
• Added the available_reactions field to the class Chat.

Replies 2.0
• Bots can now reply to messages in other chats or topics.
• Added the ExternalReplyInfo class, to track replies across chats.
• The new class ReplyParameters replaces individual reply options in all relevant methods and lets bots quote parts of any message.
• The new field quote of the class Message lets bots detect incoming quoted text.

Link Preview Customization
• Bots can now set a custom URL to generate link previews in outgoing messages.
• Added support for custom size and position of link previews.
• Added the class LinkPreviewOptions to support these new options.

Batch Actions
Bots can now delete multiple messages in a single request via deleteMessages.
Bots can now forward or copy multiple messages in a single request via the respective forwardMessages and copyMessages methods.

Boosts & Giveaways
Added support for Giveaway messages, allowing bots to detect their creation and completion.
Added updates about chat boost changes via the new classes ChatBoostUpdated and ChatBoostRemoved.
• Bots can now see if a boost came from a premium sub, a gift code, or a giveaway, as well as check all active user boosts via getUserChatBoosts.

• Blockquotes are now supported in MarkdownV2 and HTML parse modes.
• Web Apps won't close when calling openTelegramLink.
• Web Apps can now toggle the visibility and on-click behavior of the Settings Button.
• Bots can now request multiple users, see KeyboardButtonRequestUsers.
• The class Chat has new fields holding profile and background colors, custom emoji, and more.

• And a great deal more. See the full changelog for details:

Happy Holidays from the Telegram Team
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2023-09-22 16:59:59 Bot API 6.9

Mini Apps
Added support for free Cloud Storage, hosted by Telegram.
• Mini Apps can now set any header color with setHeaderColor.
• Added the requestContact method, to ask the user's phone number.
• Added the requestWriteAccess method, to obtain permission to text the user.

Bots can now assign the can_post_stories, can_edit_stories and can_delete_stories privileges to other admins.
• Added the respective fields to ChatMemberAdministrator, ChatAdministratorRights and parameters promoteChatMember.

• And more, see the full changelog for details:
22.8K views13:59
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2023-08-18 19:39:39 Bot API 6.8

Bots can now detect forwarded stories via an empty Story object in the new story field of the Message class.
• Added support for chat voters in non-anonymous Polls via the new field voter_chat in PollAnswer.
• Added the field emoji_status_expiration_date to the Chat class.

• And more, see the full changelog for details:
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2023-04-27 20:17:21 New payment provider added:

• Chapa

More about bot payments:
102.6K views17:17
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2023-04-21 14:33:28 Bot API 6.7

Unlimited Web Apps
Web Apps can now be launched from any chat – to play multiplayer games, work together in groups or create content on the fly.
• Launch Web Apps with inline query results or direct links.

Collectible Usernames & Custom Emoji
Collectible usernames can be upgraded and assigned to bots – including usernames that don't end in -bot.
• Bots that are using collectible usernames can now send Custom Emoji via HTML and MarkdownV2.

Bot Profile
Users can now edit bots directly from their Telegram profile, including setting a new name, description or animated profile photos.
• Introduced support for localized bot names that are shown based on the user's language.

InlineKeyboardButton can now be used to switch to inline mode in any chosen chat for a given type.
• The ChatMemberUpdated class now distinguishes joins coming from Shared Folder invite links.

• And more, see the full changelog for details:
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2023-03-09 20:40:42 Bot API 6.6

Localized Descriptions
• Bots now support localized descriptions that are shown based on the user's language.
• Added the methods setMyDescription and setMyShortDescription to set the bot's localized description and short description.
• Added the methods getMyDescription and getMyShortDescription to obtain the bot's description or short description for a given language.

Stickers and Emoji
• Bots can now create custom emoji sticker sets with createNewStickerSet.
• Added support for adaptive custom emoji colors via the needs_repainting parameter in the createNewStickerSet method.
• Added the ability to specify search keywords for stickers added to sticker sets.
• Improved editing options for sticker sets, including changing the title, deleting a pack, editing emoji lists and more.

Note: Mentions of thumb across all methods and classes have been updated to thumbnail.
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2023-02-17 17:35:54 New payment providers added:

• bill_line
• Freedom Pay

More about bot payments:
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2023-02-03 22:04:39 Bot API 6.5

Chat and User Selection
• Bots can now show a friendly interface that can be used to select any channel, group or user.
• Added the KeyboardButtonRequestUser and KeyboardButtonRequestChat keyboard buttons for private chats.
• Added support for "user_shared" and "chat_shared" service messages, which hold the identifiers of users and chats shared via the buttons.

Improved Permissions
• Added support for granular media permissions by replacing can_send_media_messages in ChatMemberRestricted and ChatPermissions with several separate fields for the respective media type.
• Added the parameter use_independent_chat_permissions to the methods restrictChatMember and setChatPermissions.

• Added the field user_chat_id to the class ChatJoinRequest.

• And more, see the full changelog for details:
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