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🔥 Welcome to Bot X
This channel provides bot updates
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2023-02-19 20:12:16 New Google Drive X

Message forwarding is disabled now to avoid misuse of this bot and misunderstanding about it's working.
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2022-10-24 15:38:01
May the celebrations of Diwali never end for you and fill your life with happiness, glory, prosperity and smiles.

Wishing a warm Diwali to you!
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2022-09-30 04:11:05 Use @Gdrive_Xbot as a temporary alternative
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2022-07-17 11:18:29 URL Uploader X (Update)

• Added 4GB file upload support in all premium plans.
• Improved video/audio file detection for uploading files in proper format.
• Fixed Google Drive link support.
• Added instant plan activation with Paypal.
• Minor bug fixes & improvements.
128.5K views08:18
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2022-06-04 13:25:13 MEGA Uploader X (Update)

• Added two-factor login support.
• Fixed duplicate upload folder problem.
• Some performance improvements.
• Fixed other minor bugs.
19.9K views10:25
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2022-05-28 18:52:01 Google Drive X (Update)

Recently Google announced that they are deprecating old OAuth flow for making Google OAuth interactions more safer and secure. In bot OAuth flow helps to connect your Google Drive with bot.

To keep bot up to date with this changes we also changed OAuth flow in bot. This time we have used different Client ID so you will need to re-login into bot. Other features will work the same.
28.1K views15:52
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2022-04-25 16:45:25 Google Drive X (update)

• Improved file metadata so Google can easily detect file types.
• Added support of new Gdrive links which contain resource key.
• Skip duplicate files while uploading Gdrive folder.
• Fixed bugs in HTTP link uploading.
• Fixed time of reset limit based on timezone.
• Improved overall Gdrive API perfomance.
74.4K views13:45
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2021-12-31 21:30:31
11.2K views18:30
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2021-11-19 16:29:42 Rclone X (update)

• File manager added for easy navigation.
• No need to send path manually.
• Telegram file support added.
• Added config command.
• Removed size and delete commands. You can use file manager for same purpose.
• Fixed minor bugs.
16.5K views13:29
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2021-10-22 18:30:02
Rclone X

Support more than 40 types of cloud storages like Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, Dropbox, pCloud, etc.

• Copy files cloud to cloud
• Upload direct download link
• Calculate folder size
• Show cloud storage details
• Delete files or folder

Limitations (to avoid overloading):
• Data transfer limit is based on monthly usage.
• If process takes more than 2 hours then bot will automatically cancel it.
• Once process complete bot will take a rest, time will depend on time consumed by process.

Thanks to rclone for giving support of different cloud storage providers.

Username - @RcloneXbot
26.7K viewsedited  15:30
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