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2022-01-22 04:22:47 I'll stream Sunday
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2022-01-21 04:50:28 Looks like an undersea cable was (intentionally) cut recently...

Always remember above all else, your uniform is not the clothes you wear. It's the color of your skin.
Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is your mortal enemy.

If the time comes where our people need to hear this more than ever, I might not be able to remind them.
So it's up to you.
Never forget that.
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2022-01-19 06:36:54 Download a book pdf and read a little bit between sets.
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2022-01-14 09:19:54 Fucking your White girlfriend without birth control is the most racist thing you could possibly do.
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2022-01-13 11:13:03 I am a White Supremacist racist I have no black friends
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2022-01-08 04:13:09 Busy today btw, no stream
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2022-01-07 06:19:50
This absolute Chad just told the FDA they have 8 months (NOT 75 years) to give the public the data on the clot shot.
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2022-01-01 08:03:41 Happy New Year
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2021-11-24 12:14:25 And as always, if they do pay you a visit:
-Provide your name
-Ask for a business card or phone number
-Politely say you do not wish to speak without a lawyer present
-Remember that anything else you say besides that will only make things worse (it's literally the law)
-Remember that feds are legally allowed to lie to you and are trained to
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2021-11-24 10:55:33 This seems to me like common sense but I continue to get messages from people that fucked it up and faced the concequences.

Feds are actively looking for an excuse to ruin your life, it's their job.
If you say online that you intend to commit a crime or have commited one, they WILL use that to fuck with you.
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2021-11-24 10:52:37 Daily reminder: If you say online you're going to commit an act of violence (even as a joke), you have provided the feds with all they need to have a raid on you authorized.
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2021-11-22 04:39:38 Kami's 5 step guide to protecting your identity at irl events.

1. Wear a mask
-Full face and head covering is best. Something like a ski mask or balaclava with sunglasses or goggles.

2. Use a fake name
-This applies to both signups/registration for tickets, etc. And also to any interactions you have with people that you meet.
Furthermore, don't disclose any other personal information either, such as; your place of work, whether you live close by or are from out of town, etc.

3. If you're driving, park away from the event and walk the rest of the way.
-This will stop anyone from catching your licence plate. Make sure you aren't being followed back to your car.

4. Don't pay for things with your card.
-Your credit/debit card is tied to your name. So don't use it to pay for tickets, food at the event, etc.
Instead use cash, monero or a visa gift card purchased with cash.

5. Don't trust events that prohibit you from following these rules.
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2021-11-21 19:30:20 Stream today same time as usual (8.5 hrs from now).
Haven't slept for some reason so hopefully I do alright lol
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2021-11-15 04:04:28 We're live with a special guest
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2021-11-15 04:04:17 @kamistreams
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2021-11-14 03:01:32 That's the time I'll be streaming at every week for the forseeable future.
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2021-11-14 03:00:22 I'll stream Sunday 8pm newyork time (25 hours from now)
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2021-10-17 23:53:13 Live: @kamistreams
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2021-10-16 23:46:55 Got shit to do today so ill stream tomorrow
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2021-10-04 20:12:54 Youtube shoah'd the VOD again.
An archive of the latest streams can be found here:
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2021-10-03 03:19:03

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2021-10-03 02:22:47 ^stream VOD is up on yt.
Watch it before it gets banned.
Video starts at about 1:50 since I had myself muted like a retard.
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2021-10-03 02:22:06

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2021-09-23 07:03:57 I'll stream on Saturday btw.
I'll let you know when I know the exact time
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2021-09-17 05:43:21
Important Safety Warning
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