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2022-06-12 00:51:22 Thanks for stopping by the stream.
The archive will be in the usual link above.
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2022-06-06 23:44:04 Laptop died, hope you guys had fun
4.2K views20:44
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2022-06-06 04:50:37 Got my laptop set up, I'll stream tomorrow at 4pm eastern
10.1K views01:50
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2022-05-25 21:33:10 Happy overdose day George
6.4K views18:33
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2022-05-20 22:30:58
I just fucked a bitch in the woods.
Urbanite rightoids could never.
6.8K views19:30
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2022-05-15 22:14:15 There's no "Oh shit that could have been me" thought that goes through the heads of those in power when someone kills random civilians in a low income area.
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2022-05-15 02:53:01 "Grrr. I hate international bankers creating artificial booms and busts alongside the federal reserve to buy up everything, drop our wages and make us all poor.

I hate their agenda to flood our homelands with non-whites to keep the population expanding to prop up the housing market and create a permanent goblin underclass.

I hate that politicians are on these demons' payroll.

I know! I'll strike fear into their hearts by shooting up a random 7-11 they've never been to. Preferably around a time the courts are about to make a decision relating to gun rights." - Every mass shooter ever
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2022-05-15 02:33:21 Why tf would some guy think a grocery store is the best target to make an attack against the system?
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2022-05-04 23:23:06 You niggas bitch and moan about wanting a 'Trad lifestyle' when shit is so fucking easy. What's stopping you?

-Places outside of the city are cheap af. You could always rent to start out if you needed
-You can get a work from home job to pay for shit
-Having kids is cheap and easy, anyone that says otherwise is falling for kike propaganda
-Home schooling cuts out one of the biggest expenses of having kids, and if you don't homeschool you're a bad parent anyway
-Bitches prefer this kinda lifestyle so finding one shouldn't be that hard. If you can't it's probably because you don't have abs or some shit
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2022-04-27 19:27:36 A lot of people have been asking if I'll be doing anything on Twitter, so I thought I'd give an answer to everyone at once.

A deal has been signed for the purchase of Twitter BUT the deal hasn't yet closed. Until closure, Twitter operates as normal.

With Elon making comments to the effect of: "The policy on speech should be 'Nothing that violates US law, and other than that anything goes.'" Things look promising.

Although I could see BlackRock and Vanguard threatening to drop Elon's ESG score and forcing him to cuck, less he wants to see the source of his wealth (Tesla stock) drop like a rock.
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