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Charlie Kirk

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Founder & President: @TPUSA
Host: The Charlie Kirk Show
Author: ‘The MAGA Doctrine’
We are all sinners saved by Jesus.
Opinions here are my own.

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2024-03-01 05:09:30 When we talk about vice presidential candidates, here's a key reason why JD Vance should be seriously considered:

Democrats are increasingly concerned that AZ and GA are getting out of reach, so they're putting a ton of money into the Blue Wall. They are spending BIG in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. JD Vance speaks the language of the Rust Belt and the white working class and union workers. This is on top of being a fierce and articulate defender of ending adventurist foreign policy and putting American priorities over foreigners.

Don't sleep on JD.
14.1K views02:09
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2024-03-01 02:53:48 California is hiking the minimum wage to $20. But one of their billionaire donors didn't really want to pay that much, so he got Gavin Newsom to sign off on a special carveout, just for him.

A new report from Bloomberg found that AB-1228, signed last year, offers a special exemption only for fast food chains that bake and sell bread as a standalone item. That exemption benefits pretty much only Panera Bread — and billionaire Greg Flynn, who owns dozens of them, and who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Newsom and other Democrats.

However corrupt you thought Democratic politics was, it's actually even worse.
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2024-03-01 02:15:02 Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both at the border today — but that's where the similarities end…
13.1K views23:15
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2024-03-01 01:28:30 Unbelievable! Two MSNBC guests claim that white rural voters are a threat to American democracy. Their message:

We're not replacing you.
We're not trying to imprison our political rivals.
We're not using the federal government for Democrat get out the vote operations.
We're not allowing crime to destroy cities.
We're not indoctrinating your kids with LGBTQ and DEI race Marxism.

Those are just conspiracy theories!
Sit down and shut up, bigots!
14.4K views22:28
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2024-03-01 01:05:49
Biden just said on his first day in office he proposed a comprehensive immigration plan.

What he failed to mention is that bill was really just a pathway to citizenship for illegals. Also on day one, he wiped out all of Trump's successful border security policies.

Joe Biden is a living and breathing national security threat.
13.8K views22:05
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2024-02-29 23:30:53 BREAKING: The FBI has raided the Brooklyn home of Winnie Greco, a top aide to NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

Just three days ago, Mayor Eric Adams called for changes to his city's sanctuary city laws.

In November 2023, the FBI raided the home of Adams's chief fundraiser, prompting him to abruptly cancel a series of meetings in DC to discuss the migrant crisis.

Almost like clockwork.
16.9K views20:30
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2024-02-29 21:46:06
MUST WATCH: Andrew Weissmann reacts to SCOTUS hearing Trump's presidential immunity case:

"I’m very pessimistic."
"They have given Trump the win."
"The DC case is now on life support."
"It is really really hard to figure out how this case gets to trail before Election Day."
16.1K viewsedited  18:46
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2024-02-29 20:50:08 Investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger calls himself a "Left-ugee," a natural liberal who has been driven away by the sickness of the modern progressive movement. He joined for a wide-ranging conversation on nuclear power, the decay of San Francisco, the CIA's spying on Donald Trump, J6, and more…
16.5K views17:50
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2024-02-29 20:26:01
The party that says they're "defending democracy" sure has a weird way of going about it.
17.6K viewsedited  17:26
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2024-02-29 20:24:25 BREAKING: Texas bill making illegal border crossing an arrestable offense BLOCKED by federal judge pending appeal

So states have the "right" to enact sanctuaries for illegals ignoring federal immigration law, but states don't have the right to enforce immigration law when the feds ignore them?
18.3K views17:24
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