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Logo of telegram channel contest — Telegram Contests
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Here we announce Telegram coding contests in Android Java, iOS Swift, JS, C/C . Discussion: @contests

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2023-11-30 17:28:12 Telegram ML Competition, Round 2: Results

We are pleased to announce that 14 of the 62 total contestants in this round have been nominated for prize places. Sunny Whale, who boasts the best total score, has been promoted to 1st PLACE and secured a $15,000 prize!

Our final evaluation was conducted with the following dataset and we've included a scoring breakdown beneath each submission.

The Final Score for each submission was calculated based on their Code Language Detection and Overall Detection rates in proportion to the Average Time per sample.

Submissions that scored less than 90 points for their Overall Detection Rate were discarded, and given a Final Score of zero.

Meet the winners!

1st PLACE – $15,000
Sunny Whale

2nd PLACE – $4,500
Gifted Piranha
Small Goose

3rd PLACE – $2,000
Swift Skunk
Hip Hyena
Daring Lynx
Merry Pony
Brave Beetle

4th PLACE – $1000
Sturdy Kangaroo
Dandy Ram
Sharp Sloth
Merry Goat
Nimble Seal
Dashing Gull, penalties:
– preloading penalty (–$100)

Congratulations, and thank you to all who participated!
23.4K views14:28
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2023-11-20 01:50:19 Telegram ML Competition, Round 2: Submissions

ContestBot is now ready to accept submissions for the Telegram ML Competition, Round 2.

Start the bot, choose “ML Competition”, answer the bot’s questions, then send:
- A ZIP-archive with the following structure:
-> - shared library with interface described in tglang.h (obligatory)
-> src - folder with the app's source code (obligatory)
-> train - folder with the source code and datasets used to train the model if any (obligatory)
-> - short description of the solution (obligatory)
-> resources - folder with additional files which your library requires to work (please use relative paths to access them) (optional)
-> deb-packages.txt - a text file with line-break separated debian package names of all external dependencies (optional)

Q: My archive size exceeds 2 GB.
A: You may provide a link to the datasets. In this case make sure the 'train' folder contains the source code and a link to your datasets.

For further details, please refer to the contest documentation.
19.7K views22:50
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2023-11-17 00:00:35 Update on the ML Competition, Round 2

Contestants are welcome to use an additional dataset to train their solutions.
19.1K views21:00
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2023-11-15 20:00:48 Telegram Contests Update

Since the launch of in 2019, we've held contests for developers, designers and artists with a total prize fund of over $2,500,000 – and more contests are on the way.

Why do this? It's a way for people to learn and get better at what they do. Winning in our contests is also the only way of joining the Telegram Team. Some winners are offered paid projects, and a few have even become full team members.

Coming later this year: A contest for JS developers. It's your chance to be part of something big for our 800M+ users. Stay tuned!
14.8K views17:00
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2023-11-11 00:17:37 Telegram ML Competition, Round 2

Prize fund: $40,000 – from which the 1st place winner will receive $15,000 if any submissions qualify for 1st place
Deadline: 23:59 on November 20th (Dubai time)
Who can participate: only contestants from Round 1 are eligible
Results: December 4th, 2023

In the Round 2 of this competition, contestants will work on a shared library that can be used to identify programming and markup languages in code snippets.

The Task: implement a shared library that detects the programming or markup language of a code snippet. You can use any publicly available data and the provided dataset to train your solution.


@ContestBot will begin accepting submissions at a later date. We will further clarify the submission instructions closer to the deadline.
21.7K viewsedited  21:17
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2023-11-07 22:20:54 Telegram ML Competition: Results

We thank all the participants of the Telegram ML Competition for their patience as the judges performed additional evaluations. We are now ready to announce the final results.

For the final scoring, we tested all submissions on code snippets from public Telegram chats. Overall, only two submissions scored more than a baseline solution, which returns TGLANG_LANGUAGE_OTHER for all inputs. Even these submissions only correctly recognized the language for 35.5% and 9.4% of actual code samples respectively. Therefore, there is no submission that qualified for 1st place in this competition. For details, each contestant can refer to the dedicated comment we've posted for each submission.

2nd PLACE – $4,000
Sturdy Kangaroo 
Giant Turkey
Dashing Gull, penalties:
– preloading penalty (–$100)
Small Dolphin, penalties:
– rebuilding penalty (–$200)

3rd PLACE – $2,000
Able Quokka 
Stylish Puffin  
Witty Snail 
Mindful Kitten 
Merry Pony 
Nice Beaver, penalties:
– rebuilding penalty (–$200)
Groovy Cow, penalties:
– rebuilding penalty (–$200)

4th PLACE – $1,000
 Gifted Lemur 
 Swift Skunk 
 Sleek Pony 
 Eager Piranha 
 Quiet Scorpion 
 Nimble Monkey 
 Large Monkey 
 Gifted Piranha 
 Grim Ibex 
 Brave Beetle 
 Funky Horse, penalties:
– rebuilding with tweaks penalty (–$300)

We invite all participants of this competition to the 2nd round – even those who did not earn a prize in this round. Further details will be announced this week.
23.3K views19:20
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2023-11-01 02:05:19 2nd PLACE – $1,000 Quiet Cock for InstaQuiz. Challenge your friends and test your knowledge in multiplayer quiz games. Ace Scorpion built Lowkey Brokey – a minimalist app for tracking your expenses. Wise Kiwi introduced Rate Mate – an app to rate and…
24.8K viewsedited  23:05
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2023-11-01 02:05:18 Telegram Mini App Contest: Results It was our pleasure to test all the Mini Apps that everyone submitted. The judges spent many hours using the apps and studying their source code – and they were happy to discover that some of them utilize the Telegram Mini…
23.6K views23:05
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2023-11-01 02:05:18 Telegram Mini App Contest: Results

It was our pleasure to test all the Mini Apps that everyone submitted. The judges spent many hours using the apps and studying their source code – and they were happy to discover that some of them utilize the Telegram Mini App Platform’s features to great effect.

This contest introduced tons of innovative ideas – and both developers and users will greatly benefit from their diversity. We decided to increase the prize fund by another $16,250 to properly reward all the efforts that went into this content. Without further ado, meet the winners!

1st PLACE – $1,500
Hip Hyena delivered Paint Bot, letting users create collaborative boards inside group chats – and able to show who is drawing in real time.
(Extra rewards: x3 for Friends On Map + Convene + Openly) +$3,000

Fierce Frog for Chess Now – a multiplayer chess game.

Hairy Sloth’s StickerWiz allows you to generate and edit stickers to quickly share them – all from the chat.

Tidy Walrus for Naval Clash – a classic battleship game right in your chat.

Eager Snail for Favorite Stickers Bot – a huge catalog of Telegram Stickers with search, user ratings, rich previews and sharing options.

Smart Starfish introduced a slick, feature-rich text editor for taking notes and managing to-do lists. Meet Notepher.

Keen Goat brought the classic card game UNO to Telegram – with online matchmaking and user stats.

Stone Parrot for telebook – the best storefront in this competition. Book a fictional hotel for a fantastic vacation.

Ace Boar for their Telegram Onboarding Kit – an amazing set of tools showcasing the power of Mini Apps.

Slim Elk for their @Call app that lets you manage a call calendar from inside Telegram chats. Thanks to deep integration, the app provides a satisfying and convenient way to share your call calendar and book calls.

Small Dragon implemented TeleOTP – a simple and snappy OTP Generator right inside your Telegram app.

Rich Pony submitted MedSync to show everyone the future of healthcare appointments.
24.3K views23:05
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