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Logo of telegram channel controllerupdates — Controller Updates
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Status updates and small announcements related to @ControllerBot.
Stay here to get news faster and don't ping support every time.
If you have any problems with the availability of the bot, please message to us at @ControllerSupportBot

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2022-07-16 17:49:52 How to increase the number of subscribers

Try to use all the features of our bot

This may help you:
1. Use delayed posting
2. Let people connect. Turn on comments
3. Show your originality in the text of the advertisement
4. Soon....
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2022-07-12 20:04:17
We haven't been here for a long time
Did you know that the Controller can be used not only in channels, but also in private chats?
Anonymous Poll
Yes! I know and use it
Yes, but I don't use
No. I did not know
8.9K voters76.4K views17:04
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2022-06-29 17:31:59 @ControllerBot is under maintenance. Please be patient.

UPD. Fixed.
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2021-12-13 12:29:07 @ReactBot is working again. Thank you for your patience!
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2021-08-23 17:26:23 The bot is currently undergoing maintenance. Please wait a couple of hours.
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2020-08-11 12:58:55 News for today:

- Added album support.
- Added the Chinese Language.
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2020-06-02 18:05:23
Introducing @ReactBot – this bot can automatically attach reactions and comment button to channel posts with flexible customization.
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2020-04-28 21:07:33 Today we celebrate 4 years of @ControllerBot.

Thanks to the great Telegram community, it has become the most popular bot for creating posts and recently reached unbelievable marks of 500,000 connected channels and 1 billion reactions.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who uses our bot to manage their wonderful channels that make Telegram an even better place for all us. Thank you!
482.4K views18:07
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2020-04-10 17:53:53 We have improved working of scheduled and self-destructing messages and performance overall. The bug when the same message could be sent twice is destructed as well.
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2020-03-26 11:18:13 News for today:

- Controller Web has been closed.
- Added the Turkish Language. Thank @cnpltdncsln for the good translate.
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