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Victims & their stories..
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2023-01-16 20:13:31
This month marks the 2 year anniversary since I started Covid Vaccine Victims on January 13, 2021.

Knowing the deaths and injuries were coming and with my want to protect my loved ones and humanity as a whole, I started this page. Simply as a place to hold their stories to share with my loved ones, but then my heart felt they deserved more. They deserved to be heard and heard in a dignified way. We may not all agree with the why’s. The why they took it, but we are all human with hearts and we are on this journey together.

I love this quote I found, “Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?”. Millions are dying and millions are suffering. So long as I am standing, I will always offer my compassion and voice to those in need. Who am I and who are you, if we ignore the suffering of others?

Here’s to two years of being voices for the victims and fighting for our freedoms.

Much love, JM(Admin)

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2023-01-16 03:35:42
Parents need to see this information.

Read full article HERE


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2023-01-13 22:49:27
Elizabeth Rose Ragonese

2 Years old, USA
First Dose: 12/15/2022
Brand: Moderna
Death: 12/16/2022

Elizabeth Rose, age 2 from New Hampshire received her first and only dose of a Moderna Covid injection on December 15, 2022. According to her CDC VAERS report, she passed away the following day on December 16, 2022 after receiving a Covid and flu injection. There is no further information available at present time as to what transpired between the time of her injections and her passing.

“Liz had a wisdom and curiosity about her that far surpassed her young age. She was the first one jumping in the pool, climbing a tree, or racing down a slide. As she was quite literally "no frills", Liz would much prefer frolicking outdoors in a dinosaur onesie to wearing a dress decked out in bows.”

Rest In Peace sweet Liz

#Death #USA #CovidVaccineVictims #DiedSuddenly #Moderna #Child


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2023-01-11 05:00:50
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2023-01-11 04:07:19
Hi All, a friend sent this to me and it’s one of those things you just have to share. The WHO’s playbook on how to gaslight the public when if comes to vaccine deaths and injuries. It’s horrific!

Here is The WHO vaccine talk PLAYBOOK thanks to the wayback machine and who ever found this for us.

Much love, JM(Admin)


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2023-01-10 04:28:23
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2023-01-10 04:25:42
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2023-01-09 18:15:00
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2023-01-08 19:06:14
I thought this would be a good experiment to get your followers to engage and wake up to the reality of things.

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