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2021-05-07 13:48:09
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-05-07 13:48:09
📌Bitcoin entered May, 7th with a decline. Yesterday it was traded around $58,000 but now its price fell down and at the moment of writing this article it costs $55,829.
📌Cardano showed the best results among Top-10 of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours. It added 7,6% after the news about Kraken’s new option of ADA staking. Dogecoin also feels good this week, adding overall 76.85% of its value. Qtum and Telcoin became the leaders of Top-100 this week, adding 80.39% and 480.86% respectively. Bitcoin Gold lost 17% in 24 hours, and PancakeSwap lost 21.03% in a week.
📌The IRS now has a right to demand the information about the users’ deals from Kraken. The American tax service is interested in the big deals performed in 2016-2020, taking actions against tax evasions in the crypto field.

Learn more: https://www.alp.com/news/latest-new-from-the-crypto-market-on-may-7th
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2021-04-21 17:01:33
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-21 17:01:33
As part of the massive listing of projects on the platform, the BTC-Alpha team is pleased to announce the listing of another token that deserves your attention — Meet: The Graph (GRT).

📌The Graph is an open source decentralized protocol for indexing blockchain data into open and accessible API called subgraphs. These subgraphs can be easily found and used by developers to build robust blockchain applications. Anyone can create and publish subplots populated with data from flagship projects in DeFi, but GRT allows you to query data that is difficult to query directly

🚀 Deposits and trades are already available on BTC-Alpha! Trading Pair : GRT/USDT
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2021-04-21 11:14:31
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-21 11:14:31
Hackers Stole $6 Million From Easyfi Platform
Easyfi, a decentralized project, was hacked recently. The hackers withdrew $6 millions from the finance pool of the platform. In their blog, the team’s project wrote that the attack seems to be well planned and targeted. On April, 19th, hackers managed to get the remote access to the computer of Easyfi’s CEO, Ankitt Gaur, and use it to get to DAI and USDT pools.

Learn more https://www.alp.com/news/hackers-stole-6-million-from-easyfi-platform
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2021-04-16 16:34:39
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-16 16:34:39
What Happened on the NFT Market This Week
The NFT craze around the world doesn’t seem to slow down but this week was especially fruitful; it brought so many new projects and perspectives. We chose those that are worth your attention the most, in our humble opinion.

Learn more: https://www.alp.com/news/what-happened-on-the-nft-market-this-weekhttps://www.alp.com/news/what-happened-on-the-nft-market-this-week
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2021-04-16 16:33:39
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-16 16:33:39
Turkey Banned Payments With Cryptocurrencies

The Turkish Central Bank banned all payments with cryptocurrencies. The ban comes into legal force on April, 30th. Even if payment providers decide to incorporate the virtual assets into their business models, they will remain illegal.

Learn more: https://www.alp.com/news/turkey-banned-payments-with-cryptocurrencies
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2021-04-14 17:32:37
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-14 17:32:37
Bitcoin Is Ready to Achieve a New Milestone of $70,000
Thanks to the bulls, Bitcoin is unstoppable again and at the moment this article was written it cost $64,026. The moving average on chart shows that the bull run will continue. Each time the first world’s cryptocurrency hits a new maximum, FOMO pushes the investors to join the rally.

Learn more https://www.alp.com/news/bitcoin-is-ready-to-achieve-a-new-milestone-of-70000
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2021-04-14 09:10:33
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-14 09:10:33
❗️The Block Dream Fund, a product of the famous OKEx exchange, is going to invest $10 million for the development of Filecoin projects. They see the future in the distributed data storages and want to support them financially.

Learn more https://www.alp.com/news/okex-is-going-to-invest-10-million-in-filecoin-ecosystem
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2021-04-09 15:35:24
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-09 15:35:24
Tom Brady, an American football celebrity player, is going to launch his own NFT platform. It will be called Autograph and produce the collectible NFT pieces that will be available for purchase.

Learn more👉 https://www.alp.com/news/tom-brady-will-launch-an-nft-platform
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2021-04-09 12:20:39
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-09 12:20:39
Triumph X’s NFT platform ENFTEE launches a special pavilion for premium artworks called Market S. Only rare and super rare artworks are presented there. At the moment, NFT RockandRobot by Rosa Fantasy and NFT Cybors second series pieces are exhibited there.

Learn more: https://www.alp.com/news/enftee-launched-a-special-premium-space-for-the-digital-artworks
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2021-04-08 15:58:02
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-08 15:58:02
🙄🔥Playboy, the legendary American entertainment magazine, enters the NFT space with its gallery. They partnered with the Nifty Gateway marketplace to do it. The gallery will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

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2021-04-08 15:56:59
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-08 15:56:59
n December 2020, the U.S.SEC sued Ripple for not complying with the securities law. The trial got much attention from the crypto-related media. Finally, two sides seemed to achieve agreement, and Ripple applied for access to the SEC’s internal documents about the virtual assets.

Learn more: https://www.alp.com/news/ripple-got-the-access-to-the-secs-internal-documents
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2021-04-08 15:54:20
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-08 15:54:20
Peter Thiel, PayPal’s co-founder, gave an opinion on Bitcoin that sounds a little like a conspiracy theory. Although he is a well-known pro-crypto and Bitcoin enthusiast he thinks that Bitcoin may be a part of Chinese financial weapon against the USA.

Learn more https://www.alp.com/news/peter-thiel-called-bitcoin-a-chinese-financial-weapon
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2021-04-06 10:40:28
Picture 1 from Alp World News 2021-04-06 10:40:28
The police statistics of City of London shows that crypto scams are not as frequent as they were supposed to be at the moment. They estimated the cyber crimes within the last years and found they indeed increased as the COVID-19 pandemics started but now their number isn’t that high.

Learn more: https://www.alp.com/news/the-amount-of-crypto-scams-turned-out-to-be-lower-than-expected
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