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The official Telegram Desktop channel, firsthand information from the developer.

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2019-08-09 17:47:23
188.3K views14:47
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2019-08-09 17:47:21 Starting with Telegram Desktop version 1.8 large (and even super-large-animated) emoji are supported as the rest of the Telegram apps.

Any message with up to three emoji shows them large and without a bubble. And any one of , , , or shows a large animated emoji. It plays once and you can play it again by a click.
186.2K views14:47
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2019-03-18 15:08:36 In the new 1.6 stable version music and video streaming has finally arrived to Telegram Desktop!

You can download it from or update to it in Settings > Advanced.

Mac App Store and Windows Store versions with this feature will be available soon.
235.7K views12:08
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2019-01-11 16:32:57
In the new 1.5.7 beta version you can choose different emoji sets in Settings > Chat Settings.
252.2K views13:32
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2018-10-17 17:17:09
201.9K views14:17
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2018-10-17 17:16:59 Beta version 1.4.4 finally updates emoji!

It also allows you to scale the Telegram interface up to 300%.

On macOS retina screens you can now scale the interface as well, up to 150% (before it was not possible at all). You may need that on iMacs :)

You can download it here:
174.7K views14:16
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2018-08-27 13:17:05
197.8K views10:17
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2018-08-27 13:17:01 New version 1.3.13 is out!

Export any chat or channel history from '...'-menu.

Choose what media types (photos / stickers / files / etc) you would like to export and what will be file size limit and you'll get full messages history in a nice HTML format.

New night theme and improved theme management.

You get a new nice default dark theme and you'll be able to set a custom day theme + custom night theme (check out some themes in this channel). You can always quickly switch between (your custom) day and night themes in the main menu,
185.3K views10:17
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2018-06-12 01:10:25 Download version for 32 bit Linux.
303.1K views22:10
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2018-06-12 01:10:25 Download version for 64 bit Linux.
296.6K views22:10
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