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Logo of telegram channel donald_trump_support — DonaId Trump Support
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Uncensored posts from the office of Donald J. Trump
Reserved for the 45th President of the United States
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2021-06-01 22:19:27 The world was better off under Donald Trump!
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2021-06-01 22:12:15 ​​​​​​Vaccination is a weapon of destruction for the 21st century.

Former Pfizer chief scientist Mike Yeadon said it was too late to save everyone who had been given the Covid-19 vaccine. He calls on those who have not yet received the fatal injection to fight for the continuation of the lives of people and the lives of their children.The internationally renowned immunologist goes on to describe a process that he says will kill the vast majority of people living today. Immediately after receiving the first vaccination, about 0.8% of people die within two weeks.

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The average life expectancy of survivors is two years, but it decreases with each "shot". Additional vaccines are being developed to cause deterioration in certain organs, including the heart, lungs, and brain.After familiarizing himself with the functions and research and development goals of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for two decades, Professor Yeadon states that the ultimate goal of the current vaccination regime can only be a massive demographic event that will make all world wars together look like a Mickey Mouse production. Billions of people have already been sentenced to a certain, permanent and painful death. Anyone who gets an injection will die prematurely, and three years is a generous estimate of how long they can expect to stay alive.

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2021-06-01 16:34:19 Our People, Our Voices, Our Power.

Trump can be reinstated, donate here and help me reinstate him.

YOU are our greatest asset.

May your love for one another never die, but increase every day with the love of JESUS CHRIST.

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2021-06-01 08:28:05
There's been speculation for years that Angela Merkel is Hitler's daughter... It's been confirmed by Q anon that Angela Merkel is indeed Hitler's daughter. There's another strange coincidence. Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and the Lithuanian president all knew each other as children!? Do you think it's just a coincidence that they all grew up to be president of their countries? The entire political system is rigged. Every nation has the illusion of democracy. These leaders are selected not elected. And they're not there to represent your best interest!!!!

Angela Merkel was a Hitler Youth... Here's a picture of her marching in her Nazi uniform. You can see she still wears the same haircut symbolism of the Nazi party.

There's been speculation that the real Nazis were actually Jewish. Jacob Schiff and George Soros were two of the most wealthy and famous Jewish Nazis... It sounds like an oxymoron to most but that's because people don't know the truth...
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2021-06-01 05:51:03
The people of Great Britain are STANDING UP for their FREEDOMS and for their RIGHTS!
Governments have made a grave error thinking they could trample on the liberties of their citizens for the benefit of Pharmaceutical Cartels...
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2021-05-31 18:56:15
Sheep training 101.
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2021-05-31 16:31:06
This should be happening all over the country

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2021-05-31 06:24:23
Guys thought this could be a cool one for you guys for Father’s Day. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Since I’m personalizing them if you want them for Father’s Day order soon so I can get them done and sent in time. Click the link!!!
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2021-05-31 06:22:55
Americans will never accept foreign powers along with local officials and state governors colluding to steal an election. If the constitution condones this, we need to revise it.
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2021-05-31 03:55:23 I’m not involved in 8kun administration anymore but lots of people are asking me to weigh in on “B”.
The way the /projectdcomms/ board is setup, only the board owner is able to post on it.
Logging in as board owner requires a username and password.
The person who posted as B had logged into the board with the correct board credentials.

I see a few POSSIBILITIES about what happened.

1. The board could have been claimed and given to someone new. This can be checked by logging into the admin account and checking the board claims log. I dont have access to the admin account so i can’t check that.

2. Someone GUESSED the board owner username and password, then logged in and posted as B.

3. The original Q gave the username and password credentials to someone else to post on the board with.

4. It’s actually Q posting.

If i had to guess, i would guess it is either #3 or #4, but i am not in a position to technically verify that now.
208 views00:55
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