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International Digital Resistance channel
Since 2018 we're trying to help Telegram users from countries where Telegram restricted or blocked.
P.S. please, do not spam in comments. We don't have time for good moderation.

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2023-10-31 19:34:19 I've got information that proxy is not required anymore in the Southern part of Russia.
That's good news.

Do not forget to disable proxy. Telegram is always faster without proxies or VPN.
Except when it's blocked by governments..
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2023-10-31 13:44:54 And here we go again: A huge spike in users from Russia and now it affects stability of the proxy (I'm going to solve it asap, but no ETA however). Meanwhile, can you explain what part of Russia you are from? Just to understand what's going on.
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2023-10-31 12:52:41 And here we go again:

A huge spike in users from Russia and now it affects stability of the proxy (I'm going to solve it asap, but no ETA however).

Meanwhile, can you explain what part of Russia you are from? Just to understand what's going on.
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2022-04-13 02:35:50 Good night, everyone.

Very important announcement:

Proxy will NOT be working in the next few hours due to maintenance works.

Be sure you disabled proxy if you want to use Telegram in the meantime.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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2021-12-26 18:16:05 The New Year is coming!

The last one was not so bad, we've adapted to Covid restrictions, and started to travel again, to plan our future instead of hiding and being scared. Some of us have been vaccinated, others rejected to be vaccinated. And it's OK. I mean, when did we forget about the most important thing - freedom? We want to be able to discuss whatever we want to, to choose the way we live our lives and like what we really want to like, not what somebody tells us is right to like.

I was thinking: those kids, who are 18-20 now, are losing their teenage years. All of us know - these years are the best ;) You don't have to think about all this adult stuff, like work, money, rent payment, wife, kids, plans,'re just living right here and right now!
Who are we to take that from them..
These days are sad, but moreover it's getting worse and worse every year, regardless of Covid situation.

I could Imagine this happening in Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, China.. But now people from European countries are also close to being restricted.

Bad news is coming from Germany these days, and who knows which country is next.

We(Digital Resistance channel) have been staying here for freedom of speech, and freedom of information since 2018. We're small, but not alone. We, and many others, work every day to help you stay online despite the restrictions of your country.
We are grateful to the Telegram Team for all these instruments which help you to be able to receive information you want to receive and to keep our data private.
We know that every year, month, week Apple and Google push Telegram hard to moderate and clean content, but it's still the most free platform. Viva la Telegram. Viva la us!

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate, and Happy New Year.
Let's keep working to have our rights.
Thank you. I believe in us.

#small adv
While Telegram is still working without restrictions in Germany (And I hope they won't change it, everybody has their right for their own opinion and open discussion), I want to share some information with you.

Do you know that Telegram allows you to monetize your content?

You are able to use @donate bot to collect donations, or set up a paywall for your private channel.
It's an easy way to get a button like that.

P.S. don't ask for donations, just want to introduce the bot.

Really liked this video of Christmas in the winter forest!

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2021-11-03 18:22:54 It's official. Government of Uzbekistan has blocked/limited Telegram and some other services.

In channel comments somebody mentioned that they blocked also, which has nothing common with Telegram ;) It's funny.

Some reports claim everything is back to normal in Uzbekistan.
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2021-08-16 19:11:15 I've just got an info that Uzbekistan has blocked Telegram.

You're welcome to the party, guys.

The best proxies for you are:

Main proxy(DD/Random Padding):

TLS Proxy:
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2021-07-14 17:11:45 Different countries - same problems.

And i'm talking about Cuba, a lot of users from Cuba have joined to our small proxy community in a last few days.

Please, would be great to have any feedback about current situation on your Island.
Don't hesistate to write comment, and to PM feedback bot.

I've also heard that built-in feature in Telegram clients was activated today and many users got access back without proxy, not sure is it true or not, so, could you help me to collect some info?

The most important questions is:
1) Does my proxy work for Cuba?
2) Which one proxy is the best? How is the speed?
3) Does Telegram works without proxy?

Thanks. I will appreciate if only Cuba-users response to this post, otherwise i wont have clear picture.

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