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Get interesting pdf books related to biography, business, fiction, humor, nonfiction, novel, philosophy, poetry, politics, self-help.
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2024-04-13 16:00:41 Want ebooks and audiobooks at your portable device?

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14.3K views13:00
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2024-04-11 10:46:30
The Other Black Girl
Zakiya Dalila Harris
332 Pages
Jun 2021

#Thriller #Mystery
18.4K views07:46
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2024-04-07 20:44:15
The Woman in the Window
A.J. Finn
377 Pages
Jan 2018

#Mystery #Thriller #Suspense
15.3K views17:44
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2024-04-04 04:15:21
The Maidens
Alex Michaelides
313 Pages
Jun 2021

#Mystery #Thriller
13.9K views01:15
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2024-03-30 03:21:59
How to Be the Love You Seek
Nicole LePera
274 Pages
Nov 2023

#SelfHelp #Psychology
15.8K views00:21
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2024-03-27 09:00:02
Mother of the Bride
Samantha Hayes
310 Pages
Mar 2024

#Mystery #Thriller
17.3K views06:00
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2024-03-25 03:51:44
The Dating Plan
Sarah Desai
280 Pages
Mar 2021

#Romance #ChickLit
16.6K views00:51
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2024-03-25 03:42:53
Shoe Dog
Phil Knight
369 Pages
Apr 2019

#Business #Biography
15.3K views00:42
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2024-03-21 15:27:57
Eric Rickstad
278 Pages
Mar 2024

#Mystery #Thriller
14.2K views12:27
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2024-03-20 11:53:34
Rejection Happens For a Reason by S Mukesh Rao

Genre: Romcom, Contemporary Young Adult fiction, Drama

Amazon: 4.6/5

Summary: Sharad Chandra's search for love takes him on an emotional rollercoaster, ending in what feels like the perfect match. But this dream soon turns into his most devastating heartbreak, shaking his world to its core. This story, rich with raw feelings and real-life struggles, shows how Sharad faces his toughest moments with hope and courage. It's a touching reminder of the power of resilience in the face of love and loss.

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Don't miss this unforgettable journey that will keep you guessing till the very end!

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