How I Made My First 20$ With HoneyGain 💰 You will receive — message from E Books [ English ]

How I Made My First 20$ With HoneyGain 💰

HoneyGain is a cute application that uses your spare internet and gives you cents in exchange for the traffic. Each GB of traffic brings you 100 points in the app, which converts into 0.10$. The application can be downloaded for free and works on Android (you need to enable the “install apps from unknown sources” feature), Windows and Mac OS X.

You will receive the payment on PayPal, when you reach 20$.💵 For the transaction, you will lose 1.4$ (this is not written anywhere on the internet, I know).

If you subscribe to the application with my link (, you will get a 5$ bonus (and need 15$ more, to receive the first payment).

Also worth mentioning, if you open the app daily, you will receive a bonus, which usually is 20 points (0.02$).
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