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F1 VISA interview Experiences and updates. Spring-2023
Please share your experience at https://tinyurl.com/f1experiences
The VO questions are mostly the same, it's the responses that matters to members, so please elaborate.

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2022-05-19 06:45:03 Biometric: May 17, Delhi
VI : 18th Delhi 10:30
In time: 9 am
Out time: 9.45
Course: Ms in administration
Counter 18
American guy
Status: admin processing
Me: Good Morning officer. How are you?
Vo: passport and i20
Me : Ok, passed
Vo: how may universities have you applied to
Me: 4 universities including central Michigan- Gannon, bridgeport, trine
Vo: why Central Michigan University
Me: cmu provides a flexible course in terms of core courses and its electives. I have been a supervisor for the past year and I would like to enhance managerial skills.
Vo: Which company are you working in? (Saw the company name on ds-160, exclaimed, oh Saudi Arabia) what is noon.
Me: its an e commerce company based in middle east. Its a competitor to amazon.
Vo: you have completed your ug in 2014, whats your percentage?
Me: 55%
Vo: Did you write gre?
Me: No, it wasn’t required for the course
Vo: Tell me about your funding?
Me: My father and brother will be sponsoring me, my brother works as a procurement manager in saudi arabia and my father is a retired sales manager who worked in saudi arabia for the past 30 years.
VO: Any loan?
Me: No, the savings are sufficient.
VO looked at the screen for few minutes, grabbed yellow slip and wrote admin processing and kept my passport.
VO: I intend to approve your visa but I have to check something at my end before I do that.
Me: when can I expect my passport back because I have to fly back to ksa.
VO: as soon as I can, probably a day or two. You can ask more questions related to this on the desk over there.
The guy at the other desk told that it may take weeks for the process to be completed.

How much time would it take in such cases? Please advise thanks.
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2022-05-19 06:30:43 1st attempt
My visa experience
Location: Delhi
Biometric: 17th may 2022
Interview: 18th May 2022
Slot time: 10:30Am
In time: 8:30 AM
Out time: 9:00 AM
Course: Information systems
Status: Approved

Counter 12: American Lady in her 30's
Infront of me one girl reject and one boy accepted
Interview time:- 30 seconds
Vo: (waved hand to me)
Hey good morning
Me: Good morning
Vo: please pass me your documents (i20 and passport only)
Me: passed
(After giving throwed my passport in tray)
Vo: when did undergrad?
Me: 2020 May with 0 backlogs

VO: what you doing since then?
Me:- I'm working as a Systems Engineer in infosys
Vo:- What's you roles and Responsibilities ?
ME:- We are maintaining and creating (interrupted)
Vo:- what about your funding ?
Me:- my parents are sponsoring (interrupted)
Vo: what's your father do?
Me:- He is in agriculture sactor (interrupted)
Vo:- what he grows ?
Me:- Chillies and paddies
Vo:- Ok your place your right fingers and ur visa is approved.
Me:- Thank you.

(After hearing that word
Manalni evadra apedi)

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2022-05-19 06:14:01 F1 Visa, 1st Attempt
Intake: Fall'22
VAC: May 17th(New Delhi)
VI: May 18th(New Delhi)
University of Memphis , MS in Information systems
Counter No: 13
Status: Approved
Slot time: 8:30 AM
In time: 7:40 AM
Out time: 8:40 AM
Interview time around 1min
VO was young American Lady with short hair in her mid 30's

VO: Good morning, pass me your i20 and passport
Me: Good Morning officer

VO: what will you do in your job?
Me: explained

VO: who is paying you
Me: my parents are funding me

VO: what is your father?
Me: told

VO:- do you have any siblings?.

ME:- yes

VO:- place your left hand four fingers
ME:- placed.

VO:- your visa approved
ME:- thank you officer you made my day.

This group helped me a lot
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2022-05-19 06:01:11 University: SUNY buffalo cse
Vo & VI delhi
In 8:30 a.m , out 9 am
Interview time 1 min
Status: Approved
Vo: why this university
Me: I want to build my own company and UB is an r1 research university which is offering courses like parallel and distributed processing which is aligning with my startup idea. These courses are thought by veteran professor who are researching in this field for the past 10 years.
Vo: what about your funding
Me: my father is co sponsoring my visa( vo interrupted )
Vo: what does your father do?
Me: my father runs a transport business
Vo: how many trucks
Me: 3
Vo: do you have any education loan?
Me: I have secured an education loan of 34 lack and I also have personal savings of 30 lakh
Vo: your visa is approved
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2022-05-19 05:45:08 Consulate : Delhi
May 17: 9 AM
In time: 8.45AM
Out time 9.05 AM
Counter 21
Valparaiso University - Information Technology
Status : Approved
ME: Good morning officer
VO: Hi, Pass me your i20
VO:What is UG?
VO:Your visa is approved. .
ME:Thankyou officer.
This group helped me alot for my confidence thank you
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2022-05-19 05:30:06 My visa experience:
University of Cincinnati
Information technology

Consulate: New Delhi
Biometrics: 17th May
Interview:18th may
In time:7:45
Actual Slot time:8:30
Slot time: 8:35
American lady
VO:come forward
ME: Good morning mam
VO: i20 and passport please
After typing for 5 sec
VO: what do you do at cognizant?
Me : I work as a Salesforce developer.
VO typed for 5 more seconds and returned my i20.
ME: thank you so much mam
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2022-05-19 05:23:01 F1 Visa, 1st Attempt
Intake: Fall'22
VAC: May 17th(New Delhi)
VI: May 18th(New Delhi)
University of Houston (main campus), MS in Data science
Counter No: 13
Status: Approved
Slot time: 8:30 AM
In time: 7:40 AM
Out time: 8:40 AM
Interview time around 1min

VO was young American Lady with short hair

VO: Good morning, pass me your i20 and passport
Me: Good Morning Officer

VO: when your graduation completed.?
Me: 2020

VO: What were you doing since then?
Me: working in Infosys

VO: what will you do in your job?
Me: explained

VO: who is paying you
Me: my parents are funding me

VO: what is your father?
Me: told

VO:- do you have any siblings?.

ME:- I am having sister (married)

VO:- place your fingers quickly system is making sound.
ME:- placed.

VO:- your visa approved
ME:- thanks you made my day.

don't get tensed go chill and do KCPD
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2022-05-19 05:10:11 Biometric: May 15, Delhi
Vi : 17th Delhi 11:00
In time : 10:30
Out time: Not seen
Course: Ms in IT
Counter : Don't remember but VO looks like Indian with White shirt

University : University of Cincinnati
Duration : 1min

He Rejected one F1 One person infront of me

Me: Good Morning officer.
Vo: pass me ur Passport
Me : Ok, passed
Vo: can i get ur i20
Me: yes officer.
Vo: Why this university
Me: I have chosen this university bcoz of the course curriculum which related to my area of interest in Networking and Cybersecurity moreover i have attend a webinar conducted by university prof. Mr *** he is the head of the IT Dept and (interrupted)
Vo: How is ur Sponcer ?
Me: My father is my sponcer with savings ( interrputed )
Vo: What is father do?
Me: He is a business man
Vo: What business ?
Me: He exports *** his annual income (interrupted)
VO: I am approving ur visa you will receive ur passport with in 5 days
Me: thank you officer ...
VI : Next

My Suggestion -
Actually in my DS160 i have filled Passport number mistake which was found on ofc day in front of Bio metric Officer she told me that sir ur passport number is wrong you need to change and come the only we can take bio metric luckily i carried my laptop i came out and Sat aside of OFC office and started the process after retrieving my old DS160 i choose new Form then all the Detail's in old DS160 are there here only Ds160 Number changed I edited that passport number and Changed this new DS160 number In Visa Docs and taken the new prints of Appointment order and Ds160 again join the line and done with Biometric finally

Kindly Check before Submitting
And in case you to come across like my Situation don't be Panic be Cool and Relax mind font feel tensed which make u more Anxious and you make again mistake in that hurry so be cool.

Coming to Interview
Only thing to say is
Be Confident, loud and Crisp that all

All the Best
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2022-05-19 05:07:01 Ofc: May 17 8:30
Vi: May 18 8:30
Both at New Delhi
Course: ASU MCS

Status: Approved

Interview time (30-45 secs ig)

Counter no: 11 (American Lady maybe in her mid 20s

VO: Pass me your passport and I20
Me: passed
VO: so you are currently unemployed ?
Me: Yes ma’am, I left my job last month
VO: What is your undergrad course
Me: Computer Science and Engineering
I mentioned about an application I am working on in my DS-160 form
VO: What is the chat application you are working on ?
Me: Told about it
VO: What is the name of the app ?
Me: Told some name

She put my passport in the side tray
VO: Your visa is approved (I wasn’t able to hear what she said. This is my guess )

Ran (more like speed walking) from the counter without turning back
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2022-05-19 04:45:06 Vo: I clearly see that your intension is not to cheat us. Okay I'm keeping your passport. Here is your i20. Please take it. Don't do this again in the future.
Me: yeah sure officer. Thank you so much
Vo: you're welcome

Left the counter without even seeing back

Thanks to this group. This is really more than enough to improve oneself and crack the interview
Have belief
Jagadamba Vishwapalini Matha ki
May goddess bless you all with success
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