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Logo of telegram channel features — Telegram Features
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Coming Telegram-features, often before they are public!
About 1-10 msg/month.
➡️ Read the latest Telegram-related news at @newschannel and find the best high quality stickers at @StickersHQ!
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2017-06-26 22:20:42
Also: Proxy Settings
25.0K views19:20
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2017-06-26 22:20:24
There will also be an event log (and you can set which events you want to see)
23.4K views19:20
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2017-06-26 22:19:25
The coming updates (4.1) will add many new features for supergroup management. Admins will be able to restrict users.
21.4K views19:19
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2017-05-18 18:03:40
The coming update will be version 4.0!
Past major updates:
2.0: Material Design
3.0: Bots
19.3K views15:03
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2017-05-10 23:29:37
Video messages can be trimmed before sending.
20.6K views20:29
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2017-05-10 11:03:38
Calls are coming to Telegram Desktop.
They are already available in the alpha version (
21.1K views08:03
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2017-04-26 23:49:20 will be a website with the round video messages (see above) for public channels.
21.8K views20:49
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2017-04-26 23:45:09 The text is a little bit hard to read, but I tried to figure it out.
Please note that it's probably still a draft and I might also have added some errors and typos.

Payments for Bots

\\\ Today's Telegram update is featuring other two major features - Video messages, Telescope and Instant View Platform \\\

Imagine a world where you can order a pitta, pay for a pair of shoes, hire a car or refill your metrocard all of it just by tapping a few buttons on Telegram.

To make this possible, today we are launching bot Payments - a way fr bots to accept payments from their users worldwide.


If you have Telegram v.XX (or newer) installed, don't be surprised if a bot adds a pay button or something you can order from it. Once you tap Pay, you be asked to fill in the credit card information (only once) and confirm the payment. After that, ordering stuff from bots will take only two taps!

Telegram is an open platform, so bot developers can implement the necessary APIs and accept payments from users starting right now, without lengthy confirmations. If you're a bot developer, check out the docs!


Currently most of the payments are handled by Struipe, but Bot Payments are a platform for payment providers all over the world. If you're a payment provider (especially in a developing country), please check out the docs here.

When accepting a payment from a user, Bot developer can choose between all available payments proviers, selecting the one already used by the payer or the one with the lowest commission.

Each payment goes directly from the user to the bot developer. Telegram does not take any commission from the payments and doesn't profit from these transactions. We also don't see or store the credit card data. This makes it impossible for Telegram to handle complaints or cashbacks - so the disputed payments will be dealt by the bot developers, the payment providers and the banks.

As for us, we`ll do what every sheriff has to do: kill the bad bots and award the good ones with a badge. We're sure there'll be plenty of good ones.

Happy shopping!
Telegram Team.
18.7K viewsedited  20:45
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2017-04-26 23:42:34
@durov posted this picture on Instagram. It looks like draft for the coming blog post.
13.1K views20:42
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2017-04-12 16:02:43
New in Telegram Desktop alpha:
— The new Emoji, Stickers & GIFs panel becomes a separate space on the right when Telegram is running in a wide enough window
— Manage blocked users list in supergroups
14.9K views13:02
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