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Logo of telegram channel fiestalonia_channel — Fiestalonia Channel
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The information channel of the organizer of international competitions and festivals - for all creative people!
master classes | international competitions | advanced trainings | workshops

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2021-07-05 13:00:46
Take part in the festival which will be held in October in Georgia!

A country that combines antiquity and modernism, a unique culture and excellent cuisine, is optimal for creative travel!

We can endlessly talk about the splendor of Georgia, and won't be able to get to know this country in one trip, only to get know each other a little bit. But this acquaintance will leave a trace of incredible beauty in your heart, which will again and again beckon you to return. That is why Fiestalonia, with the support of the Mayor of Tbilisi, organizes for you an unforgettable festival-competition Fiestalonia Georgia!

The international festival-competition Fiestalonia Georgia will open its arms to participants from different countries on October 20 - 25, 2021.

To learn more about this festival follow the link
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2021-06-30 18:30:00 ​​Welcome to Spain!

Calendar of international festivals and competitions for children and adolescents in Spain, which will take place in 2022!

Enjoy creativity and travel in Spain!

International contest “SEA, SUN, FESTIVAL” SPAIN (9 – 24 September 2021 | 2022 – 01 – 06 May | 19 – 24 June | 10 – 15 July | 18 – 23 September )

The International festival-competition-tour Mediterranean Legends – runs along the route Barcelona – Costa Brava (Spain) – Cannes (France) – Nice (France) – Monte Carlo (Monaco) – San Remo (Italy) (18 – 25 September 2021
30 April – 07 May | 18 – 25 June | 09 – 16 July | 17 – 24 September 2022)

International orchestra festival-contest Spring Symphonies (20 – 24 March 2022)

International choreographic contest Dance Factory is held on the Spanish coast Costa Brava. (20 – 24 March 2022)

International choir contest “GOLDEN VOICES OF MONTSERRAT” (20 – 24 March 2022)

International open contest of instrumental performers “OPEN SPAIN” (01 – 04 May 2022)

International contest of music and singing “MÚSICA DEL MAR” (19 – 22 June 2022)

The international competition of choirs “GOLDEN VOICES OF BARCELONA” (10 – 14 July 2022)
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2021-06-30 18:30:00
The international festival-competition "SEA SUN FESTIVAL" will be held in Spain from 19th to 24th of September!

The competition will take place on the Mediterranean coast in the resort town Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar boasts excellent venues and an ideal location close to world famous cities such as Barcelona, ​​Girona and Perpignan. The festival brings together participants from over 30 countries and is the largest on the Mediterranean coast.

You can fill out the participant's application on the competition page!
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2021-06-29 21:03:59
Welcome to Italy !

Calendar of international festivals and competitions for children and adolescents in Italy, which will take place in 2022!

Enjoy creativity and travel in Italy!

International contest “SUN OF ITALY”. (2022 – 24 – 27 April | 12 – 15 June | 03 – 06 July)

International choreographic contest “DANCING ITALY” (03 – 06 July 2022 )

International choir contest “WORLD OF CHOIRS” (24 – 27 April 2022)

International open contest of instrumental performers “OPEN ITALY” (24 – 27 April 2022 )

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2021-06-29 16:30:01
We admire creative people who have overcome the difficulties dictated by the circumstances. Who showed incredible restraint and, in spite of everything, were creative, inspired, and shared the positive.
During the period of restrictions, the FIESTALONIA team worked to launch a worldwide online platform that allowed talented people to compete remotely. Eminent representatives of different countries acted as experts. Our platform made it possible not only to remotely participate in competitions, but also to receive comments from the most famous experts in the world for their video performances. Never before have experts from different countries been as close to you as they are now!
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2021-06-28 15:23:59
In one impulse, we looked forward to that long-awaited day, which will return the opportunity to travel unhindered, enjoying the time at festivals and competitions. We believed that the moment that will give a chance for new meetings and vivid impressions is close.

With delight and glee we inform you of our return! From September 19, 2021 Spain, Italy, France and Georgia will resume the festival marathon. Events calendar 2022 - 2023 is replenished.

Registration for participants and booking tickets for spectators is available. Musical travel planning has started. We are happy to return the stage to you after a long pause. The organizers, together with the city administrations, make every effort to ensure the safety of the events.
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2021-06-26 21:15:08
Dear friends!
There was a temporary technical failure on our site, now the functionality is restored.

In this regard, the acceptance of applications for participation in the "American Edition" and "Music Box" contests has been extended (for those who have passed to the second round)

We bring for any inconvenience caused.
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2021-06-14 12:24:39 ​​Our correspondents often interview the contestants, because for aspiring stars, it is very important, at the very beginning of their career, to learn to build the right relationship with the press, be able to answer journalists' questions, and feel like a real star! This motivation is integral to your creative success!

Read the interview with Fiestalonia 2020 Super Cup Grand Prize Winner Regina Presley Zhang from Indonesia
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2021-04-10 14:12:01
Do you play instruments? Contest for instrumental performers "Music Box", from a leading European organizer, is not only participation in a prestigious event without leaving the country, and even without leaving home, it is an opportunity to get recommendations from the world's leading experts to your performance. Never before have experts from different countries been as close to you as now! Take the opportunity to strengthen your own knowledge and improve your education!
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2021-04-09 17:22:21
Our tariffs do not include any additional payments for collectives.

For example, you are a team of 20 people. The cost of the application is 20 euros. Your team of 20 people pays only 20 euros for the performance submitted to the competition!

If you want to apply for more than one performance, each performance is issued as a separate application!

Successful performance!
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