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Logo of telegram channel firepipsignals — FirePips Channel
Logo of telegram channel firepipsignals — FirePips Channel
Channel address: @firepipsignals
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Founder- @Jeffreybenz
Disclaimer: This telegram is for educational and learning purposes. All trades given are my perspective on FX
DISCLAIMER: Past performance does not guarantee future profits.

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2023-11-27 17:41:41
The signal on YouTube live finally print out 100pips
14.1K viewsSHAMz, 14:41
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2023-11-27 15:23:37 What broker then do you use Jeff ?

16.8K viewsJeffrey Benson, 12:23
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2023-11-27 14:32:15
17.5K viewsJeffrey Benson, 11:32
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2023-11-27 09:31:56 Good morning family

Another new week to try again

Don’t sleep this week

You never know if this week will be your pay week.

If you give up, you already know the outcome but if you don’t give up, you won’t know the outcome, be curious to know the outcome of this your forex journey….

19.5K viewsSHAMz, edited  06:31
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2023-11-26 09:57:41

22.2K viewsRayswings , 06:57
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2023-11-25 01:17:22
Never give up!
Take the next trade.
Don’t be discouraged.

Follow my Facebook:
25.4K viewsJeffrey Benson, 22:17
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2023-11-24 19:35:50

14.6K viewsJeffrey Benson, 16:35
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2023-11-22 19:57:05

22.3K viewsRayswings , 16:57
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2023-11-21 23:57:10
Got more than 40 messages of this kind on my DM on instagram.

Please let no one scammed you…. You can join us in firepip at a very discount rate by clicking the link below
17.2K viewsSHAMz, 20:57
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2023-11-21 12:38:52

Let’s scalp a buy on US30. Using 30pips as stop loss depending on your broker
21.6K viewsSHAMz, edited  09:38
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