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2021-09-28 08:41:37
#GeneDecode #Y2021

Gene Decode Q & A for September 14, 2021.

Join Gene as he answers questions on a variety of topics for people all over the world.

Gene is doing Q & A Zooms for most of September for the world to enjoy.

Hit the subscribe button to ensure you do not miss Genes Zoom calls replays on this channel.

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2021-09-28 03:00:10

Rumors or maybe true?

Elon Musk bought Trump Coins yesterday! The price is gonna grow so high in the upcoming months!

We're running out of stock! Approximately 2000 coins are left!

We are honored that our President Trump’s face will be on the most powerful cointhat will change the world.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Trump Coin's sale's ending today. Almost 13 million coins were sold in the US these previous days.

The Trump Coin has been approved as the ONLY COIN that will change the HISTORY!

Get at least 25 coins because they are low on stock!

I wouldn't wait if I were you!

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2021-09-28 02:32:00
#MIYOKOANGEL #GeneDecode #Y2021

Miyoko with Gene Decode June Interview - Part 3 - June 18, 2021

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1.8K views23:32
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2021-09-28 01:11:18 Gene Decode pinned a photo
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2021-09-28 01:11:00
Democrats elites and their puppets are constantly trying to oppress every symbol of patriotic resistance and loyalty.

Americans have been talking about the Trump Coin, especially after Trump and members of his family approved it.
In February, it became more popular than the Bitcoin.
One thing is certain, the coin will definitely skyrocket (expected to $300) in the next couple of months and that's what Democrats are the most scared of.

I got 25 Coins for each member of my family. Quantities are limited!!
Order Here
2.4K views22:11
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2021-09-28 01:03:11
#MIYOKOANGEL #GeneDecode #Y2021

Miyoko with Gene Decode June Interview - Part 2 - June 18, 2021

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2.3K views22:03
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2021-09-27 23:30:00
Shocking on TV

SCOTUS will hear the case to reinstate Donald Trump and the skyrocket of the popular Trump Coin will happen!

It’s true, everything said about these coins and their skyrocket to $10.000 is true!

2022 is the year of the TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

The worldwide scepticism made some people very rich and others only jealous for not using their chance. The huge meaning of the Trump Coin for the patriots means business opportunity for others.

Those who will have these Trump coins will be treated differently than the others! This world is like that. THIS WILL BE THE SYMBOL OF AMERICA VERY SOON, AND NOW IS YOUR TIME TO GET IT!

All you need to do is to TRUST THE PLAN!

They will be out of stock in the next upcoming weeks, get at least 25 coins for you and your family and be a part of the AMERICAN HISTORY!!!!

Claim them here and thank me later

3.1K views20:30
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2021-09-27 23:23:01
#MIYOKOANGEL #GeneDecode #Y2021

Miyoko with Gene Decode June Interview - Part 1 - June 18, 2021

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2.9K views20:23
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2021-09-27 22:00:40
Scientists at the National Institute of Dental Research have invented a powerful sour liquid that can regrow teeth and gums almost overnight.
How is this possible?

This liquid contains microscopical healing ingredients that can reach deep inside the gum pockets and between your teeth.
All you have to do is swish this sour liquid in your mouth for 20 seconds, before you go to bed.
Your gums and teeth will be regenerated, even if you have been fighting decay and inflammation for 5, 10 or even 20 years…

Click here to find out all about the sour liquid that rebuilds your teeth and gums.

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2021-09-27 21:52:59
#PATRIOTDAVE #GeneDecode #Y2021

Patriot Dave and Gene Decode - Sep 6, 2021
Law on mandated vaccines |Afganistan – drugs – timelines | MSM | History of Vaccinations | Clones – non
terrestrials | Robert David Steele – Michael Jackson – Joan Rivers | Morgellons, Trump

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3.5K views18:52
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