Logo of telegram channel geogramchannel — Geogram
Logo of telegram channel geogramchannel — Geogram
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Welcome to our channel, every day we will provide interesting maps, charts, statistics and pictures about Geography!

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2018-06-30 09:46:51
We're moving this channel to @Geogram, please join there and leave here.
3.6K views06:46
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2018-06-21 01:15:36 GEOGRAM IS MOVING
Our channel in the recent months has been less active than usual and we haven't always been able to provide the top quality our subscribers are used to, the main admin of the channel deleted his account leaving us moderators with a dead channel: we can't change the logo, appoint new admins or change the settings, it has been really frustrating to keep posting in these conditions and we stopped posting as regularly as we used to. For this reason we are starting over with a new and fresh Geogram.
The new channel will provide more content, more regularly and with extra attention to details.
Join us over at @Geogram for new maps, statistics and graphs about geography!
207 views22:15
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2018-06-11 19:01:39
Where in the world is polygamy (marrying multiple people) legal? @GeogramChannel
6.2K views16:01
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2018-06-10 03:51:13
Most common country of origin of foreign-born population in European countries. @GeogramChannel
5.7K views00:51
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2018-06-09 11:52:34
Percentage of immigrant (foreign-born) population in European countries. @GeogramChannel
5.1K views08:52
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2018-06-08 15:15:14
The world at the Last Glacial Maximum (21,000 years ago). Sea levels were 125 meters below present and the ice sheets were at their greatest extent. @GeogramChannel Source:
4.0K views12:15
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2018-06-07 00:26:55
Minimum age of criminal responsibility around the world. @GeogramChannel
4.3K views21:26
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2018-06-05 10:46:45
European street food map. @GeogramChannel
4.9K views07:46
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2018-06-01 22:41:09
FIFA World Cup 2018 team camps. @GeogramChannel
4.1K views19:41
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2018-05-31 11:30:04
Percentage of people with Italian origin in Argentina by province. @GeogramChannel
3.6K views08:30
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