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Logo of telegram channel goodtofly — Good To Fly ✈️
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Planning your vacation? Get updated on the latest travel and staycation news and deals with us @GoodToFly ✈️☁️
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2023-12-01 09:30:43
Travel Guide: Travel from Japan to Korea in 4 hrs

How to take the ferry between Busan & Fukuoka
Cheaper than regular flights
Incl. kids playground, cafe, bar & more

More info:

Tip: Book online and arrive early to secure your seat

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2023-11-30 12:30:41
MOLTO Italian Espresso Bar

Aesthetic Italian cafe with stunning view
Known for their Caffe Sale & Cafe Pepe

Mon - Sat (Closed on Sun)
10.30am - 7.30pm
Seoul, South Korea
More info:

16.1K views09:30
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2023-11-30 06:30:54
Taro Lovers: Taro Desserts in JB

The Blue Door Coffee House
Ah Ma TeoChew Kuih
Nuo Yuan

17.6K views03:30
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2023-11-29 12:31:17
Little Zoo Cafe

Cafe with exotic animals from S$15 an hour
Incl. drink, souvenir (soft toy/wooden phone stand) & more

11am - 7pm
Bangkok, Thailand
Booking required
More info:

19.4K views09:31
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2023-11-28 10:15:31
Brooos & Co

Aesthetic coffee & cocktail cafe
Incl. draft cocktails, freshly brewed coffee, pastries & more

11am - 12am
Johor Bahru, Malaysia
More info:

16.8K views07:15
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2023-11-28 07:00:26

22% off all seats all flights
Fly-thru via KL to Phu Quoc, Colombo, Hyderabad & more
Travel Period from 8 Jan - 30 Sep 2024 & 8 Jan - 19 Feb 2024 (Miri only)
Now - 3 Dec
T&Cs apply.
More info:

17.3K views04:00
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2023-11-28 06:00:51
Paradise of Capybara

The only place in Taiwan to swim with Capybaras
Feed & play with other animals like sika deer, goats & giant turtles

10am - 5pm
Pingtung, Taiwan
Booking required
More info:

18.0K views03:00
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2023-11-27 11:31:31
Space & You

Try on spacesuits & experience space for S$13
Immersive & interactive light exhibition on space travel

2 Dec - 20 Mar 2024
10am - 10pm
Toppen Shopping Centre, JB
More info:

19.3K views08:31
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2023-11-27 08:35:06
Munchkin & The Gang

Cafe with Munchkin cats from $7 per pax
Incl. one free drink, free wifi & more

Daily (Except Tues)
11am - 8pm
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
️️️️️️ NA for children under 10 yrs
More info:

20.2K views05:35
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2023-11-24 09:01:32
Singapore Airlines

Flights to over 60 destinations as low as $168
Travel between 1 Jan - 31 Oct 2024
Incl. flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing & more

Now - 12 Dec
T&Cs apply.
Book now:

12.8K views06:01
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