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Global Young Lawyers Network (GYLN)

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Logo of telegram channel gylnetwork — Global Young Lawyers Network (GYLN)
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This channel has been created to connect young lawyers and law partners across the globe, share their local and international legal experience and partner one with the other.
Language: English
Clubhouse: Global Young Lawyers Club

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2021-08-29 06:58:43 ​​Greetings GYLN Members/Followers!!

We are happy to share that our community is quickly growing and supporters/contributors are expressing desire to share their extensive knowledge in many aspects of law and lawyers life !

We are about to reach 50 in this channel with lawyers representing more than 10 countries (jurisdictions)! …

We are already thinking about many ways to support, share, educate, connect with others in achieving your endeavors. In connection with that we would like to share our upcoming goals in near future.

We will be organizing the following (but not limited to ):
- Webinars / Interviews with expert lawyers in specific fields ;
- Short Q/A interview sessions on Social Media Channels ;
- Education In Abroad Support programs/events ;
- Networking Virtual Events ;
- Lawyers Support programs/events ;
- Mentor / Mentee Matching programs/events .

Please stay tuned and invite your lawyer friends through the links HERE

Reach out to admin for contributions or leave your comment in comments section and we will reach out!
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2021-08-24 06:41:20 ​​Hi GYLN members!

#contracts are a battle, whether it involves the sometimes adversarial nature of negotiations or just the administration and operation of the contract lifecycle . Also, it is true that law firms handle contracts review for clients (internal policy/etiquette) differently than in-house lawyers would. However, both teams have the same goal to achieve efficient review with the best outcome for its client.

We believe most of you go through contract review for your clients . We would like to share with you recently released "The 10 Rules of Contract Redlining" by Nada Alnajafi that was supported by Law Insider. Please see a link to the document HERE.

Personally, I like and always follow in my day-to-day contract review the Rules #1 and #7. Take a look at the paper and leave a number in comments indicating the rule you follow or share your golden rules/tips for contract redlining.

Attaching it in a PDF format for your convenience.
A short disclaimer, we do not intend to advertise any product or work through this post.
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2021-08-12 06:10:35 ​​One of the major topics in lawyers world (and apparently non-lawyers ) relates to the question of "To use plain English or to stick to abundant usage of legalese when drafting a legal document?" - I believe each of us face this topic at some point and we cannot ignore that there are supporters of both views.

Is there some practical reason for this? Are words like “heretofore,” “indemnification,” “warrant,” and “force majeure”; and phrases like “notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein,” “subject to the foregoing,” and “including but in no way limited to” necessary for an agreement to be enforceable? Is there some counterintuitive value in useless boilerplate language? Does a contract or legal document really need 15-word strings of synonyms; all-cap, italicized, bolded sentences that span multiple pages; awkward sentences containing numerous semicolons; and outdated grammar to be worthy of signature? In our opinion, the answer is a resounding NO.

We would like to share a short but sweet article posted on Harvard Business Review with practical tips and solutions to avoid unnecessary legalese. Please see the link to article here LINK

Stay tuned for more on this topic...
On our future posts we will analyze the technology you can use to eliminate unnecessary legalese.

Share our posts with friends and invite them to our network of lawyers!
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2021-08-03 07:21:44 Most of you probably hold an attorney (also called "Bar") license in your home jurisdiction. Some attorneys are even licensed in multiple jurisdictions .

However, for the attorneys practicing internationally, the unwritten rule has been to obtain a license in either London, UK or State of New York (NY), USA . The license to practice law in NY has been the international gold standard for many years. It attracted many lawyers across the globe for years and even more since 2015 when the state approved the UBE exam organized by NCBE. Over the years 40% of roughly 10,000 applicants have been international applicants.

Last week each state in the USA held the bar exam that allows being licensed in that specific state jurisdiction, including NY State. We wish good luck to all exam takers to be successful in passing their exam and being admitted attorneys in their practicing state.

As most of you might be interested to learn about the bar exam and the process of obtaining the license in NY we would like to share New York State Bar Association's (one of the major organizations that supports NY attorneys) article about the future of the Bar exam in NY. Please see the link to article here
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2021-07-14 05:07:00
The issue affecting in-house lawyers isn't technology, remote working, legal ops, ALSPs providers, ESG, or data privacy.

It's a lack of time.

The Association of Corporate Counsel Australia just released the 2021 in-house counsel trends report. In almost all of the key findings, the underlying narrative is that in-house teams don't have enough time.

For example:

The main barrier to choosing ALSPs is a lack of time to understand all the offerings
A key barrier to adopting new legal software was that it's too time consuming
Time is increasingly eaten by newer challenges such as data privacy, cybersecurity, digital transformation and employee health & saftey - all of which pile ontop of normal, business-as-usual legal work

As a result, the once enviable work-life balance of in-house teams is eroding, with 40% of corporate counsel working up to 50 hours a week, and a 24% up to 60 hours.

Takeaway is that in-house lawyers are really really busy, and getting busier.

Do you agree? Leave comments below.
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2021-07-10 05:46:02 It is not a secret that Corporate/M&A world attracts almost every lawyer and usually we dream to be part of, at least, one big M&A deal. Please see details White & Case released on Q2 2021 M&A data.

Dealmakers hoping for a 2021 rebound in M&A activity have not been disappointed. In Q2 2021, M&A value came to US$1.5 trillion, up 15% compared to Q1 2021 and the highest total of any quarter on Mergermarket record (since 2006).

Volume, on the other hand, dropped by 11% from the previous quarter as valuations for high-growth assets continue to trend upwards. At a total of 5,319 transactions, however, Q2 2021 was still the third highest quarter for M&A volume on record.

Please see the links below to full article with industry breakdowns and cool tool White & Case presents where you can create custom charts.

Please do not forget to leave your comments in comments section and share our posts with your friends
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2021-07-08 17:45:53 While traditionally in-house legal teams are slower to adopt change, the COVID-19 pandemic has started a tech revolution, with many departments embracing new technologies to aid revenue generation. More so, in 2021, the legal industry is projected to become a global market worth $1,011B. One of the slowest sectors to go digital is now coming online, driven by more technology-friendly legal departments.

Please see more details in the following article from First Law International via this LINK

Share in comments section what tech tools you use!
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2021-07-08 06:07:08
Hi Folks,

Happy to share that we are on Clubhouse now where we registered GYLN's own Club!

Please see the link below and follow us on Clubhouse. We will be holding interesting interviews with people from different jurisdictions/states/countries.

Please share the link with your friends and invite folks you know that are interested in staying in touch with other practitioners across the globe.
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2021-07-05 22:16:33 ​​Dentons is growing rapidly in the U.S. and across the globe. The firm is another giant conquering the legal practice space. Do you agree with the statements above? Please leave your comments below in the comments button.
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2021-07-05 19:51:06 Global Young Lawyers Network (GYLN) pinned «Hello and Welcome! To Global Young Lawyers Network (GYLN) – Digitally driven connector club of young lawyers across the globe with common goal to support each other and learn from each other. Founders of the GYLN are happy to help you connect and act as…»
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