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Join the channel for working HaT File.( @internetlifedaily )Chat group; @hatfilegroup Admin @earthling44
Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/775196613519129/

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2022-08-21 10:53:56
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2022-08-16 17:09:31 Do you know Why Freenet Has Fallen apart

Yes its Because of Us Stupid People Who like To Compete against Each Other

Have you Noticed a Competition of White people Its a Competition That Improve Both Competitors

Not Our Competition Full of Greedy hearts Someone who Can do anything bad that can also affect himself But For the Sake of winning They do it

And This Behavior is the one that makes Us Not Getting Jobs Its because of Our Stupidity

And We Deserve to be called babons we are stupid Stupid People

Hosts reported every time
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2022-08-11 10:47:57
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2022-08-07 13:02:14
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2022-08-05 01:01:42 https://www.superpay.me/?ref=festo
Just give it a try... you never know how it'll end up for you
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2022-08-04 18:27:14 Mtn hat
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2022-08-04 18:19:39 @internetlifedaily

More files uploaded here
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2022-08-04 18:12:04
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2022-08-04 18:10:01 Ivory coast ha file
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2022-08-04 18:08:40
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