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🎬 News, trailers and releases, images, behind-the-scenes footage and daily curiosities from the world of cinema on your new series & films channel! 🎟🥤🍿
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2024-04-19 18:33:57
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2024-04-19 15:12:10
Viewers battle: Can You Outlast the Competition?

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2024-04-18 16:30:07
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2024-04-11 14:10:00
Tune In for Your Next Binge-worthy Show

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22.0K views11:10
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2024-04-07 01:45:43
A first look at Christian Bale as the Frankenstein monster and Jessie Buckley as The Bride, in Maggie Gyllenhaal's anticipated 1935 remake, debuting in 2025.
37.2K views22:45
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2024-04-05 14:10:00
Andrew’s Series Trivia Showdown: Guess & Conquer!

Series fanatics, it's your time to shine on Andrew’s "Viewers battle" stream @Whale! In the first 30 minutes, 8 trivia titans will be chosen through guessing games to battle it out.

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17.5K views11:10
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2024-04-02 19:18:47
A British study found that many successful people are inspired by quotes from the TV series Peaky Blinders and the Buzz Quotes channel

18.7K views16:18
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2024-03-30 15:10:00
Jimi's Series Spectacle: Uncover the Secret!

Series addicts, get ready for a wild ride with Jimi on @Whale! He's teasing something special that's bound to thrill any series fanatic.

Join us for an unforgettable stream where Series magic meets surprise. Be there to discover the big reveal and share in the excitement!
25.0K views12:10
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2024-03-30 00:23:02
The Race of the Century: 'Unfrosted', the Pop-Tarts War on Netflix

Premiere: May 3, 2024
Genre: #Comedy

Hold on tight because Jerry Seinfeld ('Seinfeld') and Melissa McCarthy ('Bridesmaids') are reinventing breakfast in 'Unfrosted'! Seinfeld makes his directorial debut in this comedy that takes us back to 1963, in the midst of the battle between Kellogg's and Post to create the first morning pastry. The promise of 'happy childhoods for millions' is at stake, and the tension is as crunchy as a freshly toasted pastry.

But there's more: Hugh Grant as the original Tony the Tiger? Seinfeld shares a hilarious anecdote: Grant, with a glass of wine in hand, invited himself to the feast. And I can't wait to see Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, and the whole stellar cast compete for the breakfast throne! Seinfeld's passion for Pop-Tarts turns this movie into a must-watch delight. Get the coffee ready, because the fun is served!
14.6K views21:23
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2024-03-29 20:10:06
What is this?

Perhaps this channel knows the answer. You will be shocked
15.5K views17:10
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