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Intel slava is a Russian News aggregator who covers Conflicts/Geopolitics and urgent news from around the world.
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2024-04-15 09:35:33 French President: We must stand by Israel to ensure its protection as much as we can
17.6K views06:35
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2024-04-15 08:30:24 At least nine Iranian missiles penetrated Israeli air defenses and hit two air bases in the attack, ABC News reported, citing an unnamed American official.

According to these data, five missiles hit Israel's Nevatim air base, damaging a C-130 transport aircraft, the runway and storage facilities. Four missiles hit an Israeli air base in the Negev desert.
27.9K views05:30
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2024-04-15 06:54:12 Israel will decide on a specific type of response to the Iranian attack on Monday or in the coming days, according to the American TV channel ABC News, citing the Israel Defense Forces
39.2K views03:54
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2024-04-15 06:47:46 The United States hopes that Iran's attack on Israel will be condemned by all members of the UN Security Council, said the United States Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN.

How tired of them all are already with their useless condemnations that carry no meaning, honestly.
39.3K views03:47
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2024-04-15 06:46:17 Israel violated international law by attacking the Iranian consulate. Iran reacted and exercised its legal right (c) China's representative to the UN
39.6K views03:46
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2024-04-15 06:42:50
Ukrainians are hysterical about the imminent encirclement of Rabotino

The Ukrainian Armed Forces report that our soldiers are taking all key positions and Rabotino cannot be held!

Let me remind you that Rabotino is one of the few achievements of the overhyped Ukrainian “counter-offensive”
37.9K views03:42
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2024-04-15 06:41:39
The fighter filmed the night arrivals of RBK-500 cluster bombs on enemy positions.
35.9K views03:41
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2024-04-15 06:40:27
A sixth group of troops called “North” has appeared as part of the Russian Armed Forces, operating in the Belgorod direction.

More recently, the units operating in this direction were called the group of troops covering the Russian state border, which has now received its own name.

Now, judging by the reports of the Ministry of Defense, the area of responsibility of the units of the new group of troops is not just the defense of the border area of the Belgorod region, but the active fire defeat of the enemy in the neighboring Kharkov and Sumy regions.

Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of something bigger.
35.6K views03:40
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2024-04-15 06:39:07 Half of Iran's ballistic missiles in Saturday's attack on Israel failed to take off or fell short of their targets, Fox News said, citing an unnamed American official.

The Iranian state channel the day before announced the launch of 7 hypersonic missiles ; not a single one of them, as stated, was intercepted by Israeli air defense. Meanwhile, CNN, citing 2 American officials, reported that the US military intercepted more than 70 UAVs and at least 3 ballistic missiles. The Pentagon's Central Command said on Monday night that the United States had destroyed more than 80 drones and 6 ballistic missiles.

The Israeli authorities claimed to have intercepted more than 99% of the missiles and UAVs.
35.5K views03:39
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2024-04-14 22:12:53
The C-DOME anti-aircraft missile system from the Israeli Navy's Sa'ar 6 class corvette intercepted several air targets over Eilat.
65.2K views19:12
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