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Jack Posobiec

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Logo of telegram channel jack_posobiec — Jack Posobiec
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2024-05-21 22:22:55 It wouldn't have taken China 2 months to move a stuck ship out of one of their own ports
5.3K views19:22
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2024-05-21 22:18:36 Media spreads false claim that Tucker Carlson launched a show on Russian TV

Russiagaters lapped it up off the media's belly

5.5K views19:18
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2024-05-21 22:14:40
Don Jr is operating on all levels

Incredible scenes of a son defending his father

Never seen anything like it. Only in New York.
17.7K views19:14
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2024-05-21 22:07:12 Just realized something

If Cohen stole money from the reimbursements, doesn't that mean that he himself committed a campaign finance violation, under the prosecution's own theory?

Their own star witness did the actual thing they claim the defendant did
5.1K views19:07
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2024-05-21 21:01:59 Don't worry, Klaus Schwab

It's a dry heat
6.7K views18:01
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2024-05-21 20:42:20 https://thepostmillennial.com/trump-and-biden-tied-in-new-hampshire-nhjournal-praecones-poll?utm_campaign=64483
7.1K views17:42
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2024-05-21 20:18:00 Don't worry, Klaus Schwab

It's a dry heat
7.4K views17:18
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2024-05-21 20:08:29 https://thepostmillennial.com/model-amber-rose-backs-trump-for-president-in-2024?utm_campaign=64483
7.5K views17:08
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2024-05-21 20:08:22 https://thepostmillennial.com/meta-google-tiktok-join-big-tech-to-spend-nearly-1-million-to-block-bills-keeping-children-safe-online?utm_campaign=64483
7.3K views17:08
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2024-05-21 20:08:03 https://thepostmillennial.com/blaze-journalist-steve-baker-to-appeal-court-order-restricting-travel-2a-rights-after-arrest-over-j6-reporting?utm_campaign=64483
6.9K views17:08
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